Multichain supports BAS as an expansion to realize cross-chain interoperability.



BNB announced its first BNB Application Sidechain (BAS) Testnet in March 2022. As BNB’s long-time and solid partner, Multichain will support BAS to further facilitate its future development and expansion by realizing cross-chain interoperability.

Any BASes need to be connected with the rest of the world, therefore, Multichain is delighted to support the integration of BAS, in an effort to provide a non-custodial and versatile interoperability solution to facilitate instant connections to the wider liquidity, Dapps, and user base of the entire BNB Chain ecosystem.

“One of Multichain’s goals is to help expand our partner’s ecosystem and increase their traffic by providing our cross-chain services, Multichain hopes to significantly enhance the scalability of the BNB Chain through continued support to BAS integration” said Zhaojun, Co-founder of Multichain.

What is BAS?
BAS is a next-gen developer infrastructure that enables developers to build large-scale BSC-based applications with increased throughput and significantly reduced or even zero transaction fees. BAS is an infrastructure that enables developers and node operators to create and operate their own blockchain operating parallel to the BSC mainnet. BAS can be used as an internal value system for many users, offloading the traffic from BSC Mainnet while remaining connected to the BNB Chain. It is accomplished by using a different consensus engine and a modern execution environment that developers or the community can customize with their own parameters.

BAS will be implemented in various ways, including PoS sidechains and ZKRollups. BAS Frameworks and Testnet’s initial implementations are based on PoS networks. Users can expect lightning-fast transactions and ultra-low transaction fees as low as zero based on the BAS’s own tokenomics. Additionally, developers can create their own BAS with customized specifications and validator sets.

About Multichain
Multichain was born as Anyswap on the 20th July 2020 to service the clear needs of different and diverse blockchains to communicate with each other. Multichain is now the leader in the cross-chain field, with a rapidly expanding family of chains (currently 51) and bridges (currently 2238). As the ultimate router for Web 3.0, Multichain has been striving to facilitate interoperability among various chains with one of the best cross-chain solutions, pushing forward the process of establishing a multi-chain ecosystem in the future.

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