Merit Circle is the early supporter of Shrapnel, The first-person extraction-based game.


Merit Circle

Over the past few years, the traditional gaming industry has been turned on its head by the many applications of blockchain technology. NFTs now allow gamers to assert and exercise their digital ownership rights of in-game assets as well as vote on the future of games that they regularly play.

Shrapnel will be the first moddable AAA first-person shooter (FPS) blockchain-based game, and Merit Circle is thrilled to be supporting the team in bringing a classic game mode into web3 space. As part of the partnership, Merit Circle has invested $250,000 in the seed round.

What is Shrapnel?
Following the collision of asteroid 38 Sigma with the moon, the people of earth were forced to evacuate from the Sacrifice Zone, a heavily guarded area that bore the brunt of the constant asteroid showers. The tide changed as people realized the value of rare precious metals, including shrapnel, found within these asteroids, and a power struggle ensued. Contractors turned into mercenaries as bands of national and corporate-backed entities began missions into the dangerous Sacrifice Zone to collect as much shrapnel as possible.

Shrapnel is a first-person extraction-based game in which players are tasked with finding and extracting valuable resources from the zone. The result of many teams competing for these rare resources is a high-stakes, competitive environment that encourages risk-taking and rewards expertise. After collecting resources, players can choose to double down and try to secure more resources or to fight their way to one of many extraction locations.

The game involves operator classes including — Assault, Survivalist, and Infosec — each offering its own skills-based progression tree. As players use these classes, they unlock a variety of abilities and equipment that can be used in gameplay. Taking advantage of complementary strengths while avoiding any conflicting abilities encourages players to strategize and create dynamic alliances.

Personalize your arsenal
Shrapnel’s gameplay is centered around the player’s loadout, featuring the gear that they have crafted and the items they have extracted from in-game sessions. Equipment such as weapons and armor are highly customizable and offer a range of additional utility. Mercenaries are also equipped with single-use consumables, technology, and gear such as night-vision goggles that give mercenaries an edge while scouring the battlefield.

Using a suite of professional-grade creator tools, players are encouraged to create their own content. These can be minted into NFTs and traded in the Shrapnel marketplace. Here, players can create vanity items and design maps that are used in gameplay. In order to incentivize players to create custom content and support the expansion of the game’s ecosystem, they may stake their $SHRAP on their created item, receiving rewards based on how well the content performs.

One token to rule them all
The token of the project, $SHRAP, has a variety of uses. Besides governance, where players can use their voting power to steer the direction of the game and platform, the token is also used as the in-game currency. Creators are rewarded for their unique maps, skins, and assets through sales in the marketplace or through incentives included in grant programs, while players can collect $SHRAP in order to upgrade their gear. These mechanisms serve as a currency sink to ensure that the value generated by both players and creators is not diluted as the community grows.

Through the marketplace, players can visit land plots owned by creators and examine the uniquely crafted items that are seen on display. Creators, on the other hand, have the ability to mint new items from a range of classified materials that are in limited supply. Through these mechanisms, there is ample opportunity for players to create value and generate revenue through whichever model best suits their needs.

Merit Circle supports Shrapnel
Rather than defining it as play-to-earn, the team at Shrapnel considers a more sustainable approach, calling it play-to-own. At Merit Circle, they are not only focused on improving the lives of those that they reach, but also firmly believe that work can be played, and the focus on entertainment in this play-to-earn industry should not be lost.

They are very excited to be collaborating with Shrapnel and be amongst its early supporters. While there is still some time until the game is released, they are keen to follow up on the team’s progress, so be sure to keep an eye out for upcoming releases.

Their partnership will be centered around introducing their community to the game and educating them on strategies and in-game mechanics. They are excited to be able to offer their scholars multiple routes when it comes to choosing how to play the game. Through the plots of land and classified materials, they will be able to create in-game items unique to Merit Circle and provide their scholars with the necessary equipment to charge into battle!

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