Zamio Incubator Program: Support and Development of Startups


Zamio Incubartor

Many crypto startups find it challenging to market and finance their newly found ideas and waste valuable time and energy in the process while they should be focusing on the development of their product or service.

Launchpads and incubator programs such as Zamio provide significant advantages for those who seek to accelerate development and adoption by the masses. In addition to providing funds from investors, incubator programs with valuable tools and resources offer much more than just raising capital!

What is incubator program can do for talented and ambitious crypto teams and entrepreneurs?

Zamio has come a long way since 2017, from a simple remittance idea in traditional finance to implementing an on-chain DeFi-CeFi ecosystem. To learn more about Zamio, read their whitepaper.

With years of experience on-chain, they are ready to share their knowledge with young crypto startups in Gamefi, DeFi, Metaverse, and NFT spaces, infrastructure services, and other innovative blockchain technologies.

What do they offer?
Financing: they help developers finance their crypto projects during crucial fundraising stages, including the pre-sale and public sale.

With 50 crypto venture fund partnerships and 100+ industry connections, their alliances and networks will help infuse capital in crypto projects that attract their attention during seed and private rounds.

Their growing Zamio community with over 150,000 users stands ready to participate in the public sale of new and exciting crypto startups that will be launched on their in-house decentralized crowdfunding platform, the ZAMPad.

Zamio ecosystem services: they provide access to all necessary and useful services to their partners in their ecosystem, including their Web dApps, a set of applications for working with decentralized finances and crypto-assets. It contains such products as Swap, Bridge, zMetaBoard, Staking platform, Farming,

Guidance: they guide you to navigate the legal environment and technical challenges of the crypto space. They also offer guidance or resources recommendations in the following areas:

Marketing: they provide access to marketing channels such as direct advertising, and influencers, besides offering guidance on branding and community building.

Tokenomics: they assist projects in designing and optimizing their token economic model and vesting schedules.

Listing: they aid in meeting the requirements for token listings on popular centralized exchanges.


At Zamio, they are committed to helping teams build successful and sustainable projects that add value to the crypto community. If you are ready to grow and scale your next idea, fill out the form to participate in the Zamio incubator program here. 

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