Solice announces their web-based NFT asset staking portal is finally done



What is it?
Web-based staking portal allows NFT holders to stake official Solice NFTs for a period of time in return for SLC rewards. The idea behind it is to give the NFTs some utility and reward the users, while they are still in the process of development. The asset staking system will incentivize demand for their NFTs and generate more interest in the Solice metaverse.

The Reward System
Base APY is always the same for each type of NFT at 40%. It is worth noting that users can only stake 1 NFT item as a multiplier per stake. However, users can stake as much as they like. 

All staking deposits are final. Users can not change the amount of $SLC in a staking deposit so please select the amount and the NFT carefully. An NFT can only be used once so if you want to have an apy multiplier on another deposit you will have to use another one of your Solice NFT’s to enable that. 

Furthermore, there is only a single staking period this time, 365 days. This is counted per individual stake, meaning that if you stake a NFT today and then stake another NFT in three days, the staking reward for the second NFT will be unlocked three days after the staking reward for the first NFT.

How do I start?
Head over to to get started. Simply connect with your Solana wallet and start staking Solice NFTs!

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