SKALE announces the partnership with Snook



Written by Marcos Sanches/Head of Communication of SKALE in blog on May 12.2022 

Games entertain us, fulfill our competitive drive, give us an outlet for stress and even help us earn money.  They reach across international borders and engage people of all generations providing hours of fun.  It’s no surprise they are such a huge driver of growth in mobile and web, and that’s no different in the decentralized Web3 world.  That’s why we’re very excited to announce our next game to soon go live on SKALE, Snook!

Snook is helping to redefine how games and NFTs intersect. They’re doing this with a new game that determines and influences the face and market value of NFTs through the measurement of skilled "work". It's very much a crypto meritocracy. This merger between a relatively new, decentralized, trust-agnostic, and immutable economic paradigm and gaming is both natural and seamless.

Today, gamers spend time developing skills through patience and persistence, which translates into their score, ranking, and/or character evolution. Their reward came from a sense of accomplishment and “street cred” from their community. But what if that time and work could result in more tangible rewards like money (e.g Fiat or crypto), commodities (which are still fungible), or non-fungible items (e.g., NFTs). It was from this concept that Snook was born – a game that allows players to monetize their performance and capture their unique gaming achievements in their NFTs.

Snook is easy to play and has a very low barrier to entry, $1.25 to mint a snook NFT with 5 lives and 1 trait. UX and usability are incredibly important to the team, which is why they were looking to SKALE to help with maintaining their great game experience through simple but powerful bridges and gasless, fast transactions.  Speed in gaming is critical, and SKALE will help Snook onboard users faster than any existing solution they’d tried or heard of. There was a real alignment in our common long-term vision as builders, as they sought to build amazing user experiences for their game community.

"The in-game experience of our users is our number one concern. With today’s L1 & L2 chains gas fees skyrocket every time there’s market turbulence. We immediately see a drop in active users as the gas fees are a liability for the common user. Launching on SKALE it exciting for us as it will allow our current users-base to enjoy our game anytime they want without worrying about the wild fluctuations in gas prices. This will allow us to access a huge untapped mainstream audience who were previously excluded due to the gas price barrier. We are already planning to take advantage of SKALE technology and bring more innovation to the ecosystem." said Hosam Mazawi, Co-Founder of Snook.

About Snook
Snook was founded in March 2021 and raised over $3 Million USDC across seed, private & strategic rounds, and eventually a public round. The token and the first version of the game launched on September 8th, 2021. It’s a first-of-a-kind multi-chain architecture that supports cross-chain game composability. With over 250,000 mints to date and 6K daily active users, Snook is excited to be building on SKALE. 


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