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REI Network

REI Network has been achieving significant milestones since its mainnet launch on December 29, 2021. In the past six months, GXChain has rebranded itself REI Network since the “Governance Proposal: From GXChain 2.0 to REI Network” was approved, and now REI Network is EVM-compatible, and thus achieved the fastest growth during the past half a year. At present, REI Network has achieved achievements such as the mainnet launch, the release of the Free Economic Model, token split, and the establishment of an ecosystem fund according to the preset route, and gradually building a flexible, diverse, and thriving ecosystem.

Now they are working hard to boost the growth of REI Network. Innovations related to the FreeStake(Free Economic Model) and overall performance improvement are currently in progress. In the new stage, REI Network will rely on co-mint to realize multi-chain connections, further enhance the interoperability of REI Network, and expand the community influence of REI Network. 

In addition, they will launch a field-focused growth plan, focus on introducing projects in the GameFi, SocialFi, and Metaverse sections, and rely on the technical community and partners around the world to promote the implementation of Hackathon. In addition, REI Network will remain at the forefront of crypto research, explore the integration of modular public chain technology and REI Network, achieve a hundred-fold performance improvement under the premise of security and decentralization, and continuously strive to improve blockchain technology to lead the crypto industry.

Eureka 2022.Q1
The singularity of the rebrand from GXChain to REI Network.
  • Compatible with EVM and Ethereum infrastructure, fast transaction confirmation through DPoS+BFT
  • FreeStake (Free Economic Model) testnet was live
  • $GXC-$REI token swap
  • REI Network ecosystem infrastructure construction, ecosystem blueprint, and brand building plan
At present, the goals of this stage have all been achieved.

Tribes 2022.Q2
The tribe is the source of human civilization. At this stage, the development of REI Network will be accelerated.
  • REI Network connects with mainstream blockchain ecosystems
  • REI Network project and ecosystem growth plan released (Users, TVL)
  • FreeStake (Free Economic Model) mainnet is launched
  • REI DAO Decentralized Governance is live
  • REI Network Super Node Campaign is started
  • REI Network Brand Building: covers the world’s major crypto markets

Federation 2022.Q3-Q4
The Federation is a more modern and efficient paradigm for human society and civilization. At this stage, REI Network will focus on building a more organized, scaled, and oriented ecosystem:
  • Reconstruct RPC, P2P network, consensus mechanism, and virtual machine module to achieve 2–3 times overall performance improvement
  • Explore modular public chain technology, and the integration of Rollups, sharding, multi-chain, and other technologies with REI Network
  • Large-scale projects and ecosystem growth cycle on REI Network (Users, TVL)
  • Field focused growth: accelerate field growth plans for Free Economic Model (DeFi, GameFi, NFT, SocialFi, etc.)
  • Strengthen brand recognition of REI Network: expanding the global space

Spreading 2023
REI Network will commit itself to improve performance and applying native assets to more areas, expanding global acceptance:
  • Solve the Trilemma of public chain through modular public chain technology, achieve a hundredfold performance improvement of REI Network under the premise of security and decentralization
  • REI Network is further accepted by global users
  • $REI, the native asset: covers more fields and use cases
  • The public welfare attribute of REI Network: playing an inclusive social role

As shown in the roadmap, REI Network is committed to achieving these milestones in 2022 to break the boundaries of public chains, all of which will focus on the Free Economic Model, centralized field growth, and performance improvements to make REI Network an ecosystem-thriving and influence-expanding platform.

About Free Economic Model
REI Network has innovatively developed a method of obtaining on-chain resources by staking. Users can obtain free on-chain resources by staking $REI. They have launched the FreeStake testnet in Q1 2022, which is the core of the Free Economic Model.

How the Free Economic Model is Realized
The REI Network Foundation will release 10 million $REI each year as the block rewards for nodes and staking rewards (Crude, the on-chain resources) for users. Among them, block rewards and staking rewards will account for 80% of the 10 million $REI, and Crude consumption will account for 20% (this proportion is an initial proposal, and the final ratio will be decided by relevant proposals launched after the REI Network mainnet and the Free Economic Model are running stably which is voted on by $REI holders.)

The user staking $REI to vote for the nodes, and the smart contract will comprehensively calculate the number of Crude users can get every day according to the amount and duration of the staking, and the Crude will be emptied every 24 hours. Crude can be used to offset the gas. When users trade on REI Network, they will consume their own Crude first. If there is no Crude, they will start to consume their own $REI. The Crude consumed by users every day is collected in the Fee Pool, which is uniformly converted into $REI every 24 hours and distributed to each node according to the proportion of block packaging. If the user just staking and does not trade, the Crude in the account will be emptied every 24 hours, and cannot be transferred.

About Field-focused Growth
The Free Economic Model is the underlying logic for REI Network to build its on-chain ecosystem. In the free mechanism, REI Network will highlight its core advantages in on-chain ecosystem scenarios such as GameFi, SocialFi, and Metaverse. Therefore, we will accelerate the development of field-focused growth for the Free Economic Model.

Why GameFi, SocialFi and Metaverse
First of all, REI Network is a new public chain that adopts the PoS consensus mechanism, which is faster under the premise of ensuring security. At the same time, based on the Free Economic Model, users on REI Network could obtain on-chain resources by staking the $REI, with almost no need to consume trading fees. Therefore, the model has huge advantages for high-frequency transactions such as games and social intercourse.

In addition, REI Network adopts the typescript language that is more friendly to traditional game developers, which enables any developer to quickly start developing games on REI Network; at the same time, REI Network is constructed on the lightweight code of open-source projects like LibP2P, EVM, GRPC, Express, which provides developers with a more relaxed development environment.

For players, REI Network is more secure than side chains, users can control their own on-chain assets, and save the high cross-chain trading fees. The efficient on-chain speed allows players to complete transactions instantly, and the design of staking to obtain on-chain resources makes trading fees on REI Network lower than that of new public chains, all of which greatly improve the player experience.

Exploration of Hundredfold Performance Improvement
The basic performance of the public chain is the ultimate problem that cannot be ignored in the blockchain industry. Around the upgrade of performance, the public chain has experienced the evolution of the consensus mechanism, cross-chain attempts to carry applications with multiple chains, Off-chain, sharding technology research, Layer 2, and then the modular public chain that is trending this year.

Exploring performance improvements is a key and fundamental part of REI Network, and the team continues to advance every day in numerous technical research to further improve REI Network. They will achieve a 2–3 times overall performance improvement in Q3 2022 by reconstructing RPC, P2P network, consensus mechanism, and virtual machine modules, and after that, they will start to explore the possibility of verifying the modular public chain, and the integration of Rollups, sharding, multi-chain with REI Network.

Look Ahead
In 2022, REI Network will usher in more major milestones, and each step of development in these key areas will move REI Network toward the overall goal. In addition, they also know the significance of a thriving community, and REI Network plans to devote more resources to expanding the community in the near future. Ready to share more REI Network progress with you in the future!

About REI Network
REI Network is an EVM-compatible public blockchain. As an Ethereum para chain, it owns the features of lightweight, free and dev-friendly. REI Network is to effectively solve the current high cost and low-efficiency problems of public chains. Therefore, REI Network can achieve free, low-cost development, and rapid migration of applications, and can be shared and symbiotic with the EVM ecosystem, also supporting the development of Defi, GameFi, and NFT.

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