Mannheim partnership with Arc Finance


Arc Finance is committed to building a DeFi2.0 liquidity-as-a-service (LaaS) basic economic infrastructure through the premium mining pool protocol to incentivize the positive behavior of users to create a liquidity premium. The platform captures premium value to activate the economic ecosystem of the market.

Based on the AUM algorithm and built on Binance Smart Chain, Arc Finance is a DEX for users to achieve the ecological value of Trade to Earn through the Liquidity Premium Pool (LPP).

The Mannheim team believes that this collaboration will help promote the adoption of blockchain and DeFi. After the Mannheim mainnet goes live, Arc Finance will expand its leading financial products into the Mannheim ecosystem. Arc Finance’s products include DEX, Farms, IDO launchpads, NFT markets, derivatives protocols, etc. These various decentralized products will bring more options and flexible products to all Mannheim community users. In addition, as part of the Mannheim community partners, the Mannheim Foundation will provide some HEIM tokens as liquidity incentives to encourage more project teams or users to participate in the ecological building of the Mannheim network!

Mannheim will continue to deepen the strategic collaboration with Arc Finance. The teams of both parties play an essential role in creating security standards for financial products and decentralized application data to provide the highest level of security and availability to promote widespread adoption in the industry.

Rob Garner, Arc Finance CEO said:
''I see tremendous opportunity at Mannheim; the platform offers unprecedented performance and speed, which helps define a new standard for blockchain and allows businesses to accelerate the adoption of the technology to remain competitive. Arc Finance has done a great job in combining traditional finance and Defi, and we are delighted to have Arc Finance as a part of the Mannheim ecosystem. This partnership is definitely an excellent way for us to share the spirit of blockchain and it is great to see the adoption of our program continue to grow.''


John Mayer, Mannheim COO said:
We are delighted to partner with Arc Finance, hoping that the collaboration inspires even more. Mannheim is excited to embark on a great journey to explore the potential of Defi and NFTs with more great teams. By partnering with Arc Finance on several important levels, like promoting the adoption of Defi and smart contract technologies, which will bring great value to both ecosystems. Mannheim’s unparalleled network performance is committed to powering the future of DeFi and Web 3.0. Mannheim’s sophisticated oracle system, distributed storage and a high-performance consensus engine may allow Arc Finance to gain the advantages of true transparency and decentralized mining. We are delighted that Mannheim has Arc Finance as such a valuable partner and we look forward to helping them build advanced financial products on more blockchain systems.


About Arc Finance
Arc Finance is an AUM algorithm backed by DeFi2.0 LaaS infrastructure with DEX as the basic feature built on BNB Smart Chain.

Dedicated to building a DeFi 2.0 liquidity as a Service (LaaS) tokenomics facility, which creates a liquidity premium value by encouraging users’ positive behaviors through premium mining pool protocols, Arc Finance opens the liquidity premium pool (LPP) to capture the ecological value of the “Trade to Earn” for all users.

About Mannheim Network
Mannheim is a Web3 portal ecological infrastructure based on the substrate open-source framework. It supports a variety of storage layer protocol networks like the IPFS and adopts the PBFT and POS dual consensus node mechanisms to verify trusted data. Moreover, with the innovative POF Algorithms, Mannheim realizes safe and efficient distributed operations of data interaction and ecosystem.

In addition, Mannheim provides a Spatial Web-compatible API to be compatible with HVM/WASM applications and other advanced ecological developer tools, which helps developers and users worldwide establish a portal transitioning from Web2 to Web3. Mannheim is working to realize and accelerate the development of the new open-source DAO communities, including the creator, technology, and network ecological communities.

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