How To Create Reef Chain Wallet on Your Desktop



Reef is an EVM-first blockchain, built on Parity Substrate, designed to make Web3 accessible to millions of people. With lower gas costs and very fast transactions, paired with a Nominated Proof of Stake consensus mechanism, Reef offers high scalability and affordable transactions to the NFT, metaverse, GameFi, and DeFi communities.

Started for Desktop Users
The website will alert you that you need Reef Chain Extension to continue, and present you with two options:
      • Download for Chrome
      • Download for Firefox

    • Launching the Extension: Download and install the extension, it will show you the permissions the extension requires in order to operate, and then an important note about security and analytics. Click “Understood, let me continue” to finalize.

    • Account Creation: A window to add an account will appear after the aforementioned steps. You can now choose to create a new account. Users that already have a Reef account can choose to import the account from the pre-existing seed, Json file, or connect their Ledger hardware wallet
    • Adding an Account: To create a new account, the user will have to click on the “+” button to create a new account, which generates a 12-word mnemonic seed phrase.

    You must store the seed phrase in a safe place to avoid the loss of any assets. This seed phrase allows anyone with access to it to restore or import the wallet when necessary. The seed phrase also acts as a safety guard to restore your wallet. Once the mnemonic seed is saved, you can click on “Next step.”

    • Other Details: Select “Reef Mainnet” under Network, enter a descriptive name, and input a password to secure the account. This is an important step to complete the account creation. The name is important since it helps you differentiate one wallet from another when using different dApps.
    The “Reef Mainnet” network must be selected to use dApps, perform transactions, collect rewards on the Mainnet, etc. If you’re testing a new dApp on Reef testnet, or developing a dApp on Reef testnet, you can switch networks when needed.

    You can specifically choose which network you want your account to work on. You can choose only testnet, only mainnet or both. By choosing only testnet your account will not show up on mainnet connected dApps, and vice versa. This can be handy if you want to use completely separate wallet addresses for testing and production.

    Setup a secure password which is also used to sign transactions using the extension.


    Now that you have access to your Reef wallet, you can dive into the myriad of opportunities in the growing Reef ecosystem. You can seamlessly lend, stake & or earn by accessing various dApps, playing games, or trading your NFTs in one click. With Reef’s amazing features, your crypto journey will just get bigger and better.

    About Reef
    Reef Chain is a layer 1, Substrate based blockchain that is the most advanced Ethereum VM-compatible blockchain available. It’s self-upgradable and has on-chain governance. Its infrastructure also allows for EVM extensions which allows for a native token bridge, scheduled calls (ie. recurring payments), and smart contract in-place code upgrades. In the near future, it will support an additional VM which will allow developers to write code in multiple programming languages. The network runs on a Nominated Proof-of-Stake (NPoS) consensus mechanism, which offers scalability and low fees. 

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