Gemini is introducing Superlunar



Decentralized technologies have changed the way we interact online, with tools that have redefined ownership, security, finance, and so much more. At Gemini, they’re on a mission to unlock the next era of financial, creative, and personal freedom, and to do so they must continue to innovate, imagine, and explore.

To harness the thrilling rise of web3, Gemini is proud to introduce Superlunar, a multi-disciplinary web3 research, and design studio. Superlunar brings together creative technologists with varied backgrounds to focus on secure, sustainable, and usable applications of decentralized technology.


A Focus on Security, Sustainability, and Usability
Members of the Superlunar team have extensive experience with security research and it will be a central focus of the initiative. Decentralized computing and strong cryptographic guarantees help form the core of web3, presenting fundamentally different paradigms for security and development in this burgeoning industry.

To ensure the continued sustainability of blockchain technology, Superlunar will provide grants and sponsorships to individual contributors, projects, and programs as a continuation of the Gemini Opportunity Fund founded in 2020. Doing so will empower the next generation of maintainers and builders, as well as provide financial support directly to open source developers to continue their work.

Superlunar will also spotlight areas that can enhance the longevity of the blockchain and crypto ecosystems with a focus on global impact.

It continues to be an area that requires development in web3, and Superlunar will apply design thinking to craft repeatable usage and development patterns. The team will aim to discover ways to reach broader audiences and provide transparent approaches to complex use cases for web3.

Superlunar has assembled a diverse team of prominent practitioners from a variety of disciplines including cybersecurity, environmental science, design, development, and finance. The team will look beyond speculative investment and hype cycles to bring healthy skepticism and transformative solutions to real, practical issues, sharing their findings in accessible and inspiring formats.

To learn more about Superlunar and their dynamic team, they invite you to visit Superlunar's website and read πŸ‘‰its launch blog.


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