Flux partnership with Terra to build web3 together



Flux and Terra are now collaborating to integrate their ecosystems, increase decentralization of the Terra ecosystem and develop and build Web3 together. The aim is to bring both Flux and Terra closer to their shared vision of a decentralized future for the benefit of everyone wanting to experience the empowerment that comes with true decentralization. Working together, Flux and Terra will integrate their ecosystems and bring you the very best Web3 has to offer.


When you take some of the best applications in Web3 and put them on the best-decentralized infrastructure available you get blockchain magic. This collaboration will focus on the deep integration of ecosystems and will leverage the respective strengths of Flux and Terra to jointly build the best tech and the best applications in the blockchain.

Simply, Flux + Terra = Web3.

If you were wondering, Web3 is the internet of the future that leverages emerging technology, such as blockchain, to deliver a decentralized internet focused on the empowerment of the users, the people of the internet. It enables people to take stewardship of the internet rather than being forced to place their trust in centralized actors such as corporations and banks.

The purpose of Flux is to provide the required tools and infrastructure to enable developers to build and deploy their decentralized applications on Web3. The goal of Flux is clear; To build the internet of the future, a decentralized Web3.

Terra states in their whitepaper: “Terra is looking to become the first usable currency and stable platform on the blockchain, unlocking the power of decentralization for mainstream users, merchants, and developers”. In other words, Terra aims to bring censorship-resistant money to the masses and empower individuals through an open, accessible financial ecosystem chock full of powerful applications.

Working together is mutually beneficial for Flux and Terra; Flux gets closer to the goal of building Web3 by adding killer Terra applications onto Flux's decentralized infrastructure and Terra gets closer to its goal of unlocking the power of decentralization as their ecosystem transitions from Web2 to Web3 infrastructure. The end result? More Web3 empowerment for those operating within the Flux and Terra ecosystems.

The collaboration will initially include:
  • Development of Terra on the Flux ecosystem to push for deeper decentralization.
  • Flux will deploy decentralized apps from the Terra ecosystem on Flux infrastructure (Mirror, Anchor, and more). For more information on Flux, the network feels free to visit the FluxOS dashboard, which has information on network resources, node rewards, application deployments, and DAO governance.
  • Launch of a Flux Token on the Terra blockchain. The Flux ecosystem utilizes parallel assets, or tokens on other blockchains to enable the Fusion cross-chain bridge. This provides the Flux ecosystem with better access to Defi as well as other development opportunities. A snapshot will be taken on May 5th. Eligible Flux holders will receive the initial distribution of Flux tokens on Terra at a later date.
  • The official Flux wallet and blockchain application suite, Zelcore, will support Luna as well as many other Terra-native tokens such as UST, KRW, SDT (and much more), as well as integrated support for many CW20 tokens like mAAPL, mTSLA and so on.
  • Users will also have the ability to import any Terra token they want. If some token is present on the Zelcore backend exchange engine, it will also be available to be swapped. Zelcore also provides direct access to centralized exchanges like Binance, Kraken, FTX, and more.

But why stop there? Flux and Terra are building a collaborative space that will run deep and bring many more exciting developments down the road. The quest to build Web3 is far more fun when you take it on together.

The entire Flux team is looking forward to working with Terra. I have a lot of respect for the Terra team. They set a clear goal and vision for themselves and they’re delivering on that vision with great dedication. I love their approach to Defi and all the great opportunities their ecosystem provides for everyone in the blockchain space. I’m excited to think about the great potential of working with them and integrating our respective ecosystems. And I’m most of all happy that Flux can help them decentralize by deploying their applications on our powerful network of Flux Nodes. Flux has found a new friend and ally in the quest to bring Web3 to the masses. I think it’s fair to say that the future for Web3 looks brighter as every day goes by.”, comments Flux CSO Daniel Keller.

About Flux
Flux is the leader in Web3 decentralized infrastructure. It is a comprehensive suite of decentralized computing services and blockchain-as-a-service solutions. The Flux ecosystem provides Web3 developers with the tools, services, and infrastructure needed to deploy their applications in a fully decentralized manner.

Flux has a powerful decentralized computational network consisting of more than 11,000 Flux Nodes with a combined 78,000+ CPU cores, 238+ Terabytes of RAM, and 5,000+ Terabytes of storage.

Web3 is growing every day and so is the demand for infrastructure. The Flux ecosystem is the leader in Web3 infrastructure and is committed to being the best-decentralized tech stack available now and in the future. To be the best version of itself that Flux can be, they need some great friends to help them grow and develop. They’re honored to be working with Terra and have them join their Web3 family of awesome teams hard at work to deliver a new decentralized internet.

Flux is fueled by community, so they invite you to come to take part. All are welcome, it doesn’t matter if you’re just interested in technology, an investor, a developer, or just like to make crypto memes all day. Flux needs all kinds of people to participate in the decentralized future.


About Terra
Terra is one of the hottest and fastest-growing ecosystems in blockchain. It’s a public blockchain protocol deploying a suite of algorithmic decentralized stable coins which underpin a thriving ecosystem that brings Defi to the masses. Terra is a regular treasure trove for blockchain and Defi enthusiasts with 100+ projects across Defi, Web3, and NFTs in their ecosystem. From censorship-resistant stablecoins to high-yield savings and synthetic stocks, Terra is building a powerhouse of financial services powered by blockchain technology and available to everyone — it’s decentralized finance at its finest.


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