Crust Network Integrates with SubSquare Governance Platform


Crust Network

A product of OpenSqure, SubSquare, scans and normalizes the blockchain governance data. With its rich features and better user experience, SubSquare empowers Crust Network members to be active in the network governance and helps them to:
  • Discuss: Use the simple forum to discuss issues, improvements, and new ideas
  • Track and voice opinions: track ongoing proposals/referenda and voice opinions before and during voting
  • Vote: use the simple interface to cast a vote.

The detailed dashboard, rich editor, and mobile-friendly features of SubSquare make it easier for anyone to participate in the decision-making at and steer the development of Crust Network.

To check or vote in a referendum, make sure that you are registered or logged in to SubSquare and follow the steps below.

Important: You need to convince the community that your proposal is useful and deserves backing. Only proposals with sufficient backing from the community go to vote. For this, you need to upload a description on SubSquare and participate in the discussion.

1. Create an account
Subsquare requires an account. Make sure to register or log in: 

2. Connect Polkadot/Kusama/Substrate account
Next, make sure you have a web3 address (crust wallet) linked when you go to your in the topbar -> Settings.

On-Chain Proposal
Anyone can make a proposal if they have locked enough governance tokens. This involves 2 steps:
  • Creating the on-chain proposal via crust apps
  • Adding text/arguments/explanation to your proposal via the governance platform

Step 1: Submit Proposal via Crust apps
Governance can change the runtime code as well as all sorts of parameters. In the first step, decide what the proposal you are about to create should change.

Go to Governance -> Democracy -> Submit preimage and propose the change you desire.


Step 2: Add Proposal Text
Now it is time to add the text, explaining and arguing in favor of your proposal.

1. Log into SubSquare 
See above. Make sure you have connected your Substrate account!

2. Find and edit your proposal 
Go to “Proposals” and select your proposal from the list. 
If you connected to the same account as the one you used to create the proposal, you will be able to add the title and text. 

Show Support for a Proposal
Once a proposal is created, governance participants are asked to support proposals. One proposal per week is promoted to a referendum. 

  • Select a Proposal to Support
Go to Governance -> Democracy. If there are any ongoing proposals, you should see them listed on this page. 

  • Second a Proposal
From the list of the proposal, click “Second” and in the opened modal, click “Second” again to show support for the proposal.
  • Confirm
Once you signed the extrinsic in step 2, you should see your account is listed in a “Seconds” dropdown in the list of proposals.

Vote on Referenda
After a set number of blocks, the proposal with the highest backing staked governance tokens will be put up for a vote. Once a proposal is decided to be voted on, it is called a referendum.

You can see all referenda for Crust Network at

1. Make Sure you are Logged-In and Linked to your Account

2. Select a Referendum
First, click on the referendum you would like to vote on from the list of referenda. You will see a description for the referendum, for example, the one below:


3. Vote on a Referendum
On the side of the referendum, you see a modal that will allow you to vote on the referendum with your staked governance tokens, i.e., CRU.

To place a vote, you will send an on-chain transaction locking the staked governance tokens (CRU) for the period of the vote. After the vote has passed, the staked governance tokens are returned to your account 

4. Check the Vote Outcome
Once the voting period is over, you will see the result of the referendum in the same modal that you voted through. 


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