Crust Files releases the New Feature: Pay to Download



Crust Files, as a Web 3.0 decentralized file-sharing product, is popular with community users. The idea behind Crust Files is to let people experience storing and sharing files in a Web 3.0 fashion: decentralized, private, and tamper-proof. They believe the full ownership of your data enabled by Web 3.0 is making file-sharing truly meaningful and valuable.

The ‘Pay to Download’, a new feature of Crust Files where users can “sell” access to the files or content with this new feature!

This feature now supports ETH payments with the Ethereum main chain and provides more usage scenarios for Crust Files.

1. After logging in to Crust Files, you can find ‘Pay to Download’ in the menu bar.  Or click directly:

2. Connect to MetaMask wallet and log in

3. Drag or drop the files to upload
This step is currently free and supported by Crust Network

4. Fill in the file name and set the selling price

5. Share the link and sell your files!

6. Click on “My Account” to check the selling proceeds and transaction history of your files

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