Cronos Mainnet Network Upgrade beta v0.7.0 “Huygens”



As announced in 👉their previous announcement about Cronos mainnet upgrade on April 29: after extensive testing and dry-runs by chain validators, the Cronos upgrade to v0.7.0 “Huygens” is proposed to be scheduled at the block height of 2,693,800. The estimated time and date can be viewed on the countdown page (the exact time and date may vary depending on the actual time taken to process the blocks).

This first significant upgrade is a major milestone in the evolution of Cronos mainnet beta. As one of the fastest-growing projects of the Web3 ecosystem, they have made steady progress and are excited to see how this upcoming upgrade can better serve their ecosystem.

About the “Huygens” Upgrade
v0.7.0 is a major breaking upgrade from 0.6.x, which introduces a EIP-1559 implementation, major performance improvements and many json-rpc bug fixes.

Major changes include the new feemarket module introducing a dynamic fee structure to the network and EIP-1559; implementation of refactoring of the EVM’s StateDB to improve the performance of contract execution; and support for batching multiple eth transactions in cosmos transactions. Interested parties can read more at 👉Network Upgrade on Cronos Testnet v0.7.0, 👉Cronos Testnet v0.7.0 upgrade release notes, and 👉the changelogs.

Actions Required from Node Operators
The chain will be upgraded at the block height of 2693800. After the upgrade block height, all node operators will need to upgrade to the latest cronosd binary beta v0.7.0, so that their node can continue to sync with the chain. The live block height is viewable on Cronoscan.

For detailed instructions on how to perform the upgrade, you can refer to 👉the Cronos “Huygens” upgrade guide in 👉Cronos chain documentation. The chain will be paused for this upgrade, and resume back once the majority of validators have been upgraded. 

Please DO NOT UPGRADE to the binary v0.7.0 prior to the target upgrade block.

If you would like to share any questions or feedback with us about Cronos mainnet and this upgrade, please reach out to us via the #cronos-mainnet-beta channel on 👉Cronos & Discord server or by email to 👉

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