Concordium releases its CCDScan


CCDScan will become the official explorer of choice for the Concordium blockchain and can be found here along with their other chain explorers: Concordium Blockchain Telemetry.  CCDScan was released on May 6th, 2022

CCDScan effectively serves as a search engine for data on the Concordium blockchain and enables users to search for, explore and analyze relevant on-chain data. 

CCDScan release 1 includes core functionality to scan and gain insights into Concordium blockchain data.

CCDScan was designed to provide its users with real-time information at their fingertips:
  • Better user experience: Better UI/UX
  • One explorer for both Mainnet and Testnet, with easy switching between the two
  • Find information that is important to you easily: with a dashboard, intuitive search functionality, and easy filtering

What’s in the Box?
List view and chain details for :
  • Block Data — (latest and each block)
  • Transactions
  • Accounts (including related transactions, an account statement, and amount locked-in release schedule where relevant)
  • Easy search for specific details on blocks, transactions and accounts, and bakers
  • Cross-linking between all relevant entities for easy navigation between blocks, transactions, and accounts
  • A dashboard landing page with real-time updates from the Concordium blockchain
  • Core metrics, graphs, and statistics on blocks, transactions, and accounts, including blocks, added, block time, finalization time, transactions, and accounts created
  • Ability to switch between Mainnet and Testnet data
  • Ability to explore chain parameters and updates to these
  • List of bakers and their stake, including the ability to drill through to the underlying account address
CCDScan 1.0 lays the foundation for future value-adding features, like:
  • Staking and delegation, smart contract information, advanced metrics and exposure of API, etc.
Watch their short tutorial here: 

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