ClearDAO: Development Fund to Targeting Ecosystem Growth


ClearDAO is thrilled to introduce the multi-million-dollar ClearDAO Ecosystem Fund, which launches today, on May 22.2022 . The fund will be fully dedicated to fostering the growth and diversity of the ecosystem around ClearDAO. Grants from the fund will be tailored to the project’s specific needs, including product development, user acquisition, scaling, etc., to give more value to outstanding ecosystem builders.

Unlock DeFi 3.0
ClearDAO is building a set of advanced derivative contracts in trading and risk management systems for DeFi 3.0. They believe a mature financial system with decentralized derivatives is the core of DeFi’s next phase. Thus, they are here to commit themselves to proffer derivative infrastructures and bring the derivatives boom to DeFi space.

ClearDAO aims to create a DeFi derivatives ecosystem that allows developers worldwide to easily launch decentralized exchanges and offer unique derivatives based on ClearDAO-powered infrastructure. A mature and sophisticated ecosystem centered on derivatives is under construction to knock on the door of DeFi 3.0. 

Empower more
In addition to financial incentives, ClearDAO also:
  • Provides highly modular and extendable SDKs that support creating a full range of DeFi derivative types, including options, futures, notes, swaps, etc.
  • Introduces market makers and liquidity providers into its ecosystem project to address the main hurdle for new trading platforms, namely initial liquidity.
  • Provides marketing support for ecosystem builders so they can start community and marketing from the initial building blocks, and not from scratch.

They warmly welcome all Web3 builders to join the ClearDAO ecosystem and submit applications for the Ecosystem Fund. They are now accepting submissions.

About ClearDAO
ClearDAO is building a decentralized crypto derivatives factory to provide developers with SDKs and tools to accelerate the development of crypto derivatives and marketplaces. To date, ClearDAO has completed template development including options, notes, futures, and swaps, and is participating in the construction of multiple third-party derivatives projects. ClearDAO adopts a multi-blockchain strategy and already supports Ethereum, BNB Chain, Solana, KCC, Arbitrum, etc.

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