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As Ethereum's transition to proof of stake approaches, there is more and more interest in staking ETH, both from individual users and institutional investors — and for good reason! It’s a great way to get exposure to the entire Ethereum ecosystem, requiring minimal maintenance and bringing rewards that begin accruing almost immediately. Not only that, staking benefits both the staker and the network, making it more secure and reliable.

However, there is one problem — running a full Ethereum validator node can be complicated for most users. With the integration of Stakewise in MEW web, their users can stake ETH quickly and conveniently from any wallet, for any amount, and choose to redeem their ETH at any time.

Use any wallet
MyEtherWallet (MEW) web supports connection with most mobile wallets (via WalletConnect and WalletLink), popular hardware wallets like Ledger and Trezor, and browser extensions like MetaMask. Even if your wallet does not have its own integrated staking solution, you can stake your ETH by connecting to MEW.

Stake any amount, redeem any time
Running a full validator requires staking 32 ETH and locking it up until full transition to proof of stake. With Stakewise, users can stake any amount of ETH, add more ETH to the stake at any time, and redeem part or all of the staked ETH at any time.

Stake your ETH and use it too
For all deposited ETH, Stakewise mints sETH2 tokens on a 1:1 basis and deposit them in the staker’s wallet. These tokens can be left in the wallet to earn rewards, or used in other DeFi instruments across the ecosystem for additional yield opportunities.

Collect rewards right away and track on your dashboard
Once the ETH is staked and sETH2 tokens are deposited in the wallet, rewards (as rETH2) begin accruing almost immediately in the same wallet where sETH2 is held. Reward tokens can also be used in DeFi, compounded (swapped for sETH2 and added back to the staking pool for a bigger stake), or redeemed for ETH. The MEW web dashboard clearly shows the amount staked and rewards earned in real-time.

Go to their 👉Help Center for a detailed guide to using Stakewise on the MEW web. If you have questions or feedback, go to 

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