Poloniex launches the Poloniex Space Traveller Program



The “Poloniex Space Traveller” program is a sort of integration with our previous referral program “POLO-STARs” and volunteer program “Poloneers”. When you sign up on Poloniex, you will get a unique referral link that you can share with your friends: https://poloniex.com/referral/profile. Anyone who clicks on the link and completes the registration becomes your referral. You will receive commissions on all trades completed by your referrals. What’s more, this includes Spot, Margin, and Futures trades.

There are tons of similar programs from different crypto exchanges. So why should I sign up for the Poloniex Space Traveller program?
  • Firstly, their highest commission tier- the Sun Captain tier- has a 60% commission rate. So right out of the gate, that’s huge. As long as the number of your monthly invitees is ≥ 50 and the activation rate is ≥20%, you can become a top-tier Space Traveller.
Just signing up for Poloniex automatically makes you a Rocket Scientist which gets you a 20% commission on trades from your referrals. Perform well and reach a certain number of invitees and trading volume with your referrals, and you will be able to advance through the ranks towards Sun Captain status!
  • Secondly, they do not require their Space Travellers to have a large amount of crypto locked in Poloniex, but rather they only consider the number of invitees and their trading volume, making their referral system much more open, making it easier for their Space Travellers to take part and succeed. 
  • Thirdly, what makes them unique is that they have a secondary commission mechanism for their Sun Captains. The commission rate is 60%, in which they get 50% from their direct referrals and 10% from their secondary referrals.
Please be advised that this 10% of commission does not affect the original commission scheme for the referral (50%) and the main referral can only receive the secondary commission while their referral is a valid Poloniex Space Traveller.

The secondary commission mechanism can better leverage the combined influence of the Space Travellers and the people they recommend to create higher returns.

Is your project only for elite investors? What about others with small funds? Is it open to everyone?
Regardless of your fund size, this program is open to everyone. You can sign up with Poloniex and fill in their application form to become a Space Traveller. After that, you can start to earn from referral commission. It’s that easy!

What can I do to get a higher commission rate?
Currently, they look at how all Space Travellers are doing on a monthly basis, and those who meet the necessary conditions will be upgraded to a higher level of Space Traveller and get a higher commission rate. Those that do not meet the corresponding conditions will be downgraded to a lower level Space Traveller, and the commission rate will be correspondingly reduced. The breakdown is as follows:

  • Rocket Scientist (Commission rate: 20%): Monthly referrals <5
  • Moon Explorer (Commission rate: 30%): Monthly referrals <20 and activation rate ≥20%
  • Mars Adventurer (Commission rate: 50%): Referral number <50 and activation rate ≥20%
  • Sun Captain (Commission rate: 60%): Referral number ≥50 and activation rate ≥20%
So after you become a Space Traveller, you can upgrade to a higher level after the beginning of the next month if you meet the requirements. Click to check details: https://support.poloniex.com/hc/en-us/articles/4409666165271-Poloniex-Space-Traveller-Guide

How can I get more people to sign up for Poloniex by using my referral link?
There are a couple of ways you can boost your referral count! For example, you can send your referral link to your friends, post it on social media or share it in various crypto enthusiast communities.

How can I entice people to start trading?
Poloniex hosts the campaigns each month with the opportunity to receive rewards. You can find these campaigns on our main website when we list new coins, as well as on our official Twitter where we host prize campaigns. So share these campaigns with your friends and/or community so they can start trading and earn rewards at the same time!

I’ve done a lot of sharing and no one has signed up by using my referral link, which is frustrating.
All things are difficult at the beginning! Remember, as long as someone uses your invitation link to sign up for Poloniex, their future trading fees will be refunded to you at a certain rate! The Space Traveller program doesn’t have an ending date, so you will always have a chance to earn commission and level up!!

The universe is vast, as is Poloniex’s future. They have been the number one exchange in the industry and have a rich history. And although they are a legendary exchange with a lot of history, they are also looking to the future and are well-suited to explore the vast reaches of the crypto-verse.

They want to grow and prosper together with the users and achieve their shared goals. The crypto space, like space itself, can be mysterious and full of challenges and opportunities. 

If we can meet these challenges and take advantage of these opportunities together, our future will be very bright.

Whether you just want to join Poloniex as a Rocket Scientist or you want to become a Moon Explorer, Mars Adventurer, or Sun Captain, Poloniex will always be with you to explore the vast unknown and chart a course for a brilliant future. Let’s go!

Here’s a simple version of how you can get started:

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