KuSwap announces the partnership with Saffron Finance


Saffron is a DeFi risk management protocol. Users can select high or low risk based on their preference and earn customized yields depending on their selection.

Saffron offers a variety of risk-adjusted pools that mitigate the negative effects of impermanent loss, price volatility, and underlying smart contract failure. Advanced users can take on extra risk to earn higher yields by opting into high-risk pools available on the Saffron web3 application.

Saffron was initially created on November 1st, 2020, by a pseudonymous founder “psykeeper”. The protocol’s native token (SFI) is a governance token, controlling decisions made in the Saffron DAO, and can be staked to earn emissions as well.

KuSwap adds the "KUS-SFI"  HIGH APR pool to their liquidity mining program on April 26, 2022, at 6 PM UTC and starts rewards 24 hours later.  So everyone can join in.

Saffron adds insurance services to the following trading pairs on KuSwap:
    • KUS-KCS
    • KUS-USDT
    • KUS-SFI

About KuSwap
KuSwap is the #1 Automated Market Maker protocol built on the KuCoin Community Chain (KCC). It debuted on its Launchpad in June 2021, which also happened to be the first KuCoin Community Chain crowdfunding. The launch of KuSwap was the first catalyst for the KuCoin Community Chain to experience record-breaking transactions. KuSwap's key objective is to increase decentralized worldwide adoption by expanding the utility cases for KUS.

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