Fantom announces fWallet v2 beta released



This release is fully functional, faster, easier to use, and has many added features. They’re calling it a beta release, mostly because it doesn’t yet have mobile support. 

fWallet v2 added features include:

  • A friendly, modern UI with an updated interface requiring fewer clicks for common actions.
  • Balance displays on the home page that show staked totals and pending rewards. 
  • Ability to view and manage Fantom ecosystem tokens.
  • A simplified governance interface for voting on Fantom improvement proposals.
  • Swap functionality to allow easy trading of Fantom tokens.
  • Redesigned staking interface with stake-as-you-to and lock-up options.
  • A bridge from Ethereum, Polygon, BNB, Arbitrum, and Avalanche to Fantom, powered by Multichain. 
  • Transparent routing for swaps and bridges displays how best swap and exchange prices are calculated.

We’re extremely proud of this release, which demonstrates our commitment to user-friendly tools and interfaces. Over 1,150,000 unique Fantom wallet addresses were created this year alone. As growth continues, we remain focused on technology upgrades and building tools to help both experienced and novice users take advantage of Fantom’s high performance and the incredible array of dApps in our ecosystem. Michael Kong, CEO Fantom.


The Quickstart
The fWallet v2 prioritizes connecting with existing wallets accessed via Metamask, WalletConnect, Coinbase, Ledger, and software (mnemonic, private key, or Keystore).
  • Home
The wallet Home screen now offers an overview of your holdings including:
    • Total balance
    • Staked FTM
    • Available FTM (not staked)
    • Pending rewards
    • Fantom token holdings
    • The transaction history is clickable and links to FTMScan 

Connect to multiple wallets and easily switch between them.
They also added in a currency selector now supporting USD and EUR, with more options to be added soon. 

  • Send
The streamlined send screen now offers a transaction fee estimation and allows you to send any Fantom token, not just FTM, from your wallet.

The wallet also shows the token balance of receiving addresses.

A new 2-step safe-send process reminds you to double-check the network of the receiving wallet address.

  • Staking
The staking interface has been completely revamped to offer a complete, at-a-glance overview of positions.

With a single click, you can claim rewards from all the validators that you stake with. 


The staking flow has also been completely redesigned. You can stake-as-you-go in two clicks or choose to lock your delegated tokens for higher rewards in just three clicks. 

Validator nodes are now ordered by max APR, and validator nodes not accepting new delegations are grayed out to avoid confusion.

The rewards screen offers expected rewards details with additional weekly, monthly, and yearly rewards estimates. 

Stake-as-you-go (no lockup) gives you around 4% at the time of writing, while Fluid Rewards gives 4.5% to 13.9% depending on the length of lockup.

Once you have staked, the interface lists information about your delegation, pending rewards, and a countdown to unlocking (if applicable).

  • Governance
The simplified interface makes voting faster and easier. 
You asked for notifications about new governance proposals and they added them! On-chain governance is the life-blood of Fantom. Now you’ll never miss a new proposal.


Proposals are presented clearly with indications of the voting process status. You can now create new proposals directly from the wallet.

  • Swap
In the Swap section, you can now swap hundreds of tokens.
OpenOcean is the first DEX aggregator added to the wallet, with more coming in the next updates.


  • Bridge 
They integrated the Multichain bridge into the wallet. You can bridge assets to and from Fantom, and to and from Ethereum, Polygon, BNB Chain, Arbitrum, and Avalanche.


Fantom is  planning a phased approach to the following features and implementations:
  • Mobile support
  • UI improvements
  • Private key export (for software wallets only)
  • Localization in different languages
  • Full historical transaction data with CSV export
  • More DEX aggregators (ParaSwap, 1inch, Firebird, Orion, Unidex)
  • NFT browser


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