DEXTools now fully supports Fuse Network.


Fuse Network

The complete integration between DEXTools and Fuse makes it more convenient to trade using DEXs on Fuse Network.


One of the key trends in the crypto space over the last two years has been the steady increase in the share of crypto-asset trading that takes place on decentralized exchanges (DEX’s). Over the course of 2021, they processed over $1 trillion in transactions, registering an impressive 858% growth over the preceding year. 

Professional crypto trades relying only or mostly on DEX’s still need sophisticated tools for tracking asset prices, trading volumes, and other market indicators, applying the tools of technical analysis to data, discovering promising new assets, executing trading strategies, and so on. However, legacy financial market providers like TradingView do not cover DEX’s, which is where the decentralized DEXTools platform comes in.

The most accurate DEX token price gateway
DEXTools was established in 2020 and, within a short time, has grown to attract millions of crypto traders and investors and become the leading platform for cryptocurrency price analysis. 

Moreover, partnerships with platforms like CoinMarketCap, which use DEXTools API data, further show the trust built by DEXTools. Backed by DeFi traders globally, DEXTools aims to use the latest technology to improve its trading app service by listening to the feedback provided by its community. There are three subscription tiers: free, standard, and premium, with users that stake DEXT, the utility token of the platform, gaining access to paid subscription tiers.

The problem with most websites that list token prices is that the prices are several minutes out of date. DEXtools is almost 100% accurate and provides the best place to check the price before purchasing a token. Saving investors a lot of money and letting them make moves with increased confidence.

The trending tokens section is helpful for traders looking to hop on the next trend or see where the smart money is flowing. In contrast, if it is charts and tokenomics of a specific token you’re looking for, entering the name of a token or contract address in the search bar for the DEX you’re using will provide a complete breakdown. Most importantly, the token swap service lets users take action immediately once an opportunity is uncovered.

Filters let investors remove unwanted noise and focus on specific networks and DEXs with the added ability to build a favorite token and pair lists, view positions, and set price alerts across multiple protocols and networks. Users scroll down from token data to find more details about buy and sell orders, including wallet addresses and the amounts being bought or sold. With some experience, intelligent traders can use this data to see the quantities and sizes of buy orders coming in and whether whales are buying or selling.

DEXTools enables users to follow token prices and other indicators on multiple supported chains and exchanges. At the same time, technical analysis tools, trading bots, and in-app token swaps on multiple DEXs are available. DEXTools is akin to a decentralized version of Trading View with added features and supports several wallet logins, including MetaMask and WalletConnect.

How Fuse Integrates DEXTools
As previously mentioned, DEXTools and Fuse are extending an existing collaboration to enhance the experience of traders. Now, DEXTools has added full support for the Fuse Network and it now tracks the major DEX’s active on it, including Voltage Finance, Sushi, and ELK Finance. The complete integration between DEXTools and Fuse will make it easier for DeFi traders, especially professional ones, to trade using DEXs on Fuse Network.

To ensure the number of DEXs on Fuse Network expands, it’s vital to provide dapps with the best tools to showcase themselves and ensure the Fuse community has a centralized hub from which to work and find the best opportunities. Using DEXTools, professional and experienced amateur traders in the Fuse community now have the tools required to analyze markets in detail, get the most accurate price data and take action.

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