Cardstack launches Card Wallet’s New Design


Card Wallet by Cardstack now supports profile creation, rewards, and end-to-end peer-to-peer payments. With an updated interface, users are able to quickly onboard and enter the Card Pay ecosystem.


Cardstack launched the Card Pay Protocol and Card Wallet by Cardstack in November 2021.  Card Pay is an Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM)-compatible payments solution currently deployed on Gnosis Chain. The solution allows users to leverage a built-in fiat onramp and facilitates direct payments to merchants and users. Card Wallet is a mobile blockchain payments application that offers customers and merchants a first-of-its-kind gasless payment experience by bringing fast, easy, and cheap Web3 payments to the masses. Together, Card Pay and Card Wallet give shape to an entirely trustless payment ecosystem. Following six months of testing, they are excited to release their updated Card Wallet application!

With the introduction of the newly designed application, they are also excited to announce the release of their Card Rewards Protocol. The Card Rewards Protocol is a Python-based analytics engine that supports the synthesis of on- and off-chain data to deliver recurring rewards with a small on-chain footprint that are claimable via Merkle proofs. In the second half of 2022, they will release their reward program creation engine, enabling any project to create a recurring reward program.

Exploring the Updated Navigation
In the upper-left corner, you’ll find an expanded Settings menu to access additional features. In the right-hand corner, you will find the Reward Redemption Center.

On iOS, they’ve added a user-friendly in-app purchase mechanism that can be used to buy a prepaid card via Wyre. Over the coming months, they will develop a fiat onramp for Android devices, including an in-app purchase mechanism.

After acclimating to the application, you need to purchase a prepaid card. Once you’ve obtained a prepaid card, you can create a profile and begin requesting payments!

Creating Your CARD.XYZ Profile
Creating a CARD.XYZ profile is as simple as choosing your profile color, entering your name, and choosing a unique ID. The process costs $1.00 USD, which is payable with the prepaid card.

The unique ID is also used as your Card Space profile identifier. Each user who creates a profile also receives a hosted profile page.
For example, if your unique ID is: Cardy K
Your Card.XYZ profile will be hosted at

Over the coming weeks, they will add additional abilities that will allow you to edit your profile page via the mobile browser. Stay tuned for an announcement.

Requesting Payments
You can request payment either directly from the Profile page or through the Pay tab by clicking Request in the header bar.
Payments must be claimed before they are added to your available balance. This may seem unnecessary in the world of peer-to-peer payments, but the Card Pay Protocol contains an integrated escrow solution that enables trustless support and allows for merchant guarantees such as return policies and chargeback protection. As an early user of the application, your interaction with the protocol continues to help them test features that will ultimately drive the future of Web3 payments.

Discovering an Updated Wallet Experience
You can always see your profile by clicking Profile; if you have more than one, you may view each profile by clicking on Wallet and finding your Profile card.

Rewarding Early Adopters
Let’s take a peek at the new Reward Redemption Center:
In this example, you can see that there is 500 claimable CARD.CPXD. To claim, you’ll need to register for the reward program. Check out their ongoing airdrop program here and watch their announcements channel on Telegram or Discord for more opportunities.

Learning More About Settings
Here, you can access your Wallet Address in case you need to request a prepaid card or change your account to a derived wallet.

In order to switch to another wallet, press your wallet address. This will open the derived wallet switcher view. At this time, they encourage users to limit themselves to a single profile and account. They will continue making developments to an easier-to-use profile switcher in the coming months.

You can now view your existing WalletConnect Sessions through this menu. With this functionality, you are also able to disconnect from a session if you no longer wish to be connected to that dApp.

Requesting a Free Prepaid Card In-App
Coming in early May 2022: They will integrate a service that will allow all users to request their first prepaid card for free.

If you haven’t downloaded Card Wallet by Cardstack yet, you can download it now from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.

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