Bitfinex releases Bitfinex Pay V1.4


Bitfinex Pay

What is Bitfinex Pay?
Bitfinex Pay is a crypto payment processor that allows businesses and merchants to receive crypto payments into their Bitfinex account for products sold or services rendered.

Bitfinex Pay – Release V1.4

  • Addition of the Manual Invoice Generator tool will provide merchants with an easy way to manually generate invoices
  • Addition of support for Tether Euro (EURt) in the Ethereum network for all Merchants and their customers

  • Improved Landing Page to show Metamask, WalletConnect, and all supported tokens related information 
  • Improved Landing Page design on mobile devices
  • Improved the payment request flow for when to display the “Retry” button when using “Pay with you Wallet” payment method
  • Optimized the Terms of Service checkbox on Safari browser for mobile
  • Updated verification message for tokens requiring higher levels of verification, such as USDt and EURt
  • Improved the notification text for different verification levels when trying to select Credit Cards
  • Change wording of Tether (ETH) to Tether (Ethereum) and Tether (TRX) to Tether (Tron)
  • Removed the token selector dropdown from the Merchant sub-account verification form
  • All current and future merchants will automatically have all BFX Pay compatible tokens enabled by default

  • Fixed date error on the Landing Page footer
  • Fixed error of credit card payment being paid with BTC, but verifying the payment shows USD
  • Fixed issue of redirecting to Bitfinex Securities when trying to login with Bitfinex Pay
  • Fixed Bitfinex Pay redirection on credit card deposits
  • Fixed issue of Lightning Invoice expiring after 10 minutes when paying from an external wallet
  • Fixed issue of alert not appearing on Safari browser when entering U2F
  • Updated DOGE amount to show 8 precision decimals
  • Fixed design issues on receipt screen in mobile browsers
  • Fixed issue of credit card minimum amount error not showing for EUR and GBP invoices
  • Fixed issue of EUR and GBP conversion showing wrongly on the user balance
  • Fixed incorrect icon used for Ownr credit card services

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