Avalaunch introduces XAVA Points, Automation and Booster Round

Avalaunch continues to iterate and move forward as part of a collective movement to seed early-stage, public fundraising becomes a staple and sophisticated financial service product that is open to all.


To date, they have innovated and have contributed to a notable shift. Largely gone are the oversubscribed IDOs where players fight for scraps. 

They are seeing greater parity between private and public rounds, increasing-price uniformity, and strategic vesting for public participants, among other improvements. These trends were simply not present before Avalaunch and they have worked for over a year behind the scenes to help all players understand the value of honoring community at the level of the public sale.

From a business development perspective, the progress has been excellent. Their base chain Avalanche is attracting truly special teams and projects—the likes of which the blockchain has yet to see—that previously did not find the space stable enough to build on. Now, they are coming now in droves.

Avalaunch looks forward to the coming months and being able to launch a slate of projects that are unprecedented in ambition. As the time draws near, there will be added features and functionality that offer greater flexibility and ease of use for those who wish to partake.

Today, they introduce a few of these, with many more to come.

AVAX Collateral
With this new set of features, they have included two automation (Auto-Buy & the Booster Round) that will require a deposit of AVAX to execute successfully.

The deposit modal can be accessed through the Automations tab under the Accounts page, but users will also be prompted to deposit collateral with predictive amount recommendations during registration as well.

During an active sale, you can check the automation tab to make sure that you have met the recommended collateral, which will be based on your current stake and predicted allocation.

Allocation Auto-Buy
Auto-Buy is Avalaunch automation that will allow a user’s allocation to be automatically purchased during the IDO sale window. When enabled, a user will no longer be required to be present during the sale to purchase their guaranteed allocation, as long as they have deposited the recommended collateral.

Right now, the recommended collateral will be 2x your predicted IDO allocation. In order to ensure you receive your full available allocation, please deposit the recommended amount.

How Does Auto-Buy Work?
Auto-Buy can become active during an IDO period and can be enabled at any time up to the beginning of a sale, including after you have registered. Once the sale begins, you cannot disable the Auto-Buy automation.

You can locate the Auto-Buy modal under your Automations tab.

In addition to no minimums and guaranteed allocations, Avalaunch is the first launchpad to offer the type of stress-free user experience which allows for passive participation in IDOs.

Your participation in an Avalaunch sale can start and end with registration. With their new set of automation, their IDOs are now not only guaranteed but can be entire “hands-off.”

XAVA Points (XP)
XAVA Points (XP) are a representational unit of XAVA that can be allocated toward your stake for any IDO. Unlike normal XAVA, they cannot be purchased or traded, but are earned across the platform by staking XAVA and through various actions like locking XAVA and community-driven tasks.

Staking XAVA
For every XAVA staked in the allocation staking pool, you will receive 1 XAVA Point. These points don’t represent any additional benefit beyond your normal XAVA but are simply grouped with earned points for ease of use during IDOs.

Earning Additional Points
Currently, the only way to earn extra XAVA Points beyond your stake is by locking your XAVA, however, there will be more ways to earn in the near future centered around continued participation and community engagement.

You can always check your current XAVA points and history under the XAVA Points tab.

XAVA Locking
A user will now be able to lock their XAVA for a predefined term (3,6, and 9 months), for a multiplier on that XAVA, in the form of XAVA Points.

How does XAVA locking work?
When you lock your XAVA for a predefined term, you’ll receive additional allocation power in the form of XAVA Points that can be used toward any IDO.

There are 3 locking terms you can participate in, each with a set multiplier:
  • 3 months → Receive 1.3x XP Multiplier
  • 6 months → Receive 1.5x XP Multiplier
  • 12 months → Receive 2x XP Multiplier

Example Scenario:
You lock 1,000 XAVA for 3 months.
  • When locked: You will have 1,300 XAVA Points which you can allocate toward IDOs. The additional 300 XP in this case are the XAVA Points you earned via the multiplier. 
  • When unlocked: You will receive your 1,000 XAVA back, and the 300 XAVA Points will expire.

XAVA Locking FAQ
  • What is the minimum you can lock? The minimum lock is 1 XAVA.
  • What is the maximum you can lock? There is no maximum you can lock.
  • How often can you lock XAVA? You can lock XAVA or add to your lock at any time; however once you submit a lock, there is a 20-minute pause before you can lock more.
  • What if I want to unlock my XAVA before my selected lock term ends? You cannot unlock your XAVA until your selected lock term ends.

Booster Round
Historically, there have always been unsold tokens in their IDOs as a function of their guaranteed allocations. If a user’s allocation is guaranteed to be waiting for them during the sale, there is always a chance that they don’t show up, leaving a remainder.

For their past 19 IDOs, they have purchased these unsold tokens at their cost and airdropped them to sale participants. While they felt this was a reasonable and generous solution, there has always been the demand for a “last chance” offering of the leftovers.  The Booster Round is their response to this request.

How Does it Work?
The Booster Round is an opt-in final round that will allow stakers to pick up additional allocation after their guaranteed allocation in the Staking Round. Enabling will become active during an IDO period and can be enabled at any time up to the beginning of a sale, including after you have registered.

This round, like auto-buy, is automated and there is no need for a user to be present during it.


You can locate the Booster Round modal under your Automations tab.

In order to be eligible for the Booster Round, a user must first opt-in before and deposit the recommended collateral before the IDO begins. In addition to the collateral, you will be required to deposit AVAX for gas fees. This is to ensure that the transaction executes and the automation is 100% reliable.

Once the Staking Round has concluded, the application will begin to automatically scan the list of participants that have opted-in, sorted by stake, with the highest stake first.

If a user has opted in and deposited collateral, it will automatically purchase up to 1/2 their allocation in the staking round, with a hard cap of $300. No user will receive more than this, regardless of their stake.

If a staker has not enabled this feature or has not deposited collateral, they will be skipped. If the user has not deposited enough collateral to receive the maximum Booster Round allocation available to them, whatever collateral is available will be used, and the application will move down the list.

Why Not “First Come First Serve?”
The Avalaunch application was designed to remove the stress, confusion, and need to be first from the IDO process. A round where the person who was the fastest or cranked their gas the highest “wins” would be antithetical to all of the design choices they have made to date. While they understand the desire, they simply prefer a more orderly solution.

With the collateral requirements and hard caps in place, they anticipate that the Booster Round will allow for hundreds of participants to receive additional sale allocation, without sacrificing any of their core design principles.

With the latest round of features, they believe they move closer to the most user-friendly, intuitive, and balanced launchpad in any ecosystem. Guaranteed allocations, with no minimums, that can be purchased without even being present during the sale allow their users to focus on the projects they are helping launch, instead of the sale process itself.

Their goal is to strip away any artificial constriction of the sale process designed to create FOMO, and instead create authentic excitement about the product, team, and their future potential in the Avalanche ecosystem. As always, they thank you for your continued support of the Avalaunch community and its mission to bring great teams and build great things to Avalanche.

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