AFKDAO announces the Seed Round Successfully Closed with 10 Prestigious Investors


AFKDAO is happy to announce that their seed fundraising round has been successfully closed with 10 prestigious investors including DFG, Froyo Games, Genesis Block Ventures (GBV), Jsquare, LucidBlue Ventures, Multitude Tech Corp, Reframe, SevenX Ventures, Teoh Capital, and 151East VC.


The mission of AFKDAO is to build a DeFi infrastructure of NFTs via creating delegable NFT assets through lightweight, compossible ERC-721 extension, which serves as the basis for a large range of use cases, from trustless NFT asset management to non-collateral NFT lending and borrowing, and more.

In the past few months, they have been focusing on one of the most promising verticals -blockchain gaming. Their team managed to build AFKDAO from absolute scratch to a working product with a highly active community supporting the vision and mission of $AFK. They have achieved:
  • Built-up working partnerships with some extraordinary projects: PlaceWar, Tap Fantasy, Ragnarok Cryptoverse, Kyberdyne, Frontera NFT, Godland, Thunder Lands, Wrath of Conqueror: Hegemony, Souni, Tanks for Play, Ethlas, Firework Game (Spark Era), Froyo Games, Cryptoids, Soul Reborn, Alphakombat, Metalands, Evalk Studio, Dinolands, Arcus, Codyfight, FamilyParty Game, OpenBlox and more games in the pipeline
  • AFK Aggregator mainnet launched with PlaceWar decentralized scholarship program, and more to come
  • NFT Platform integration with Mintverse, GEMS, and more.
  • Jedi Program with over 200 individual guilds onboarded and whitelisted in AFK Aggregator.

A Collateral-less, Multi-purposed DeFi Gateway for NFTs
AFKDAO provides an open, versatile, and lightweight framework to unlock unlimited use cases of NFTs in both DeFi and Web3 scenarios.

Powered by the ERC-4610 NFT extension, NFT rental will be more frictionless by removing the need for any collateral. This can be a game-changer for utilities like blockchain gaming: Trustless NFT asset management can be realized without NFT custody to move the entire scholarship structure on-chain. Game NFTs are one big step closer to an interest-bearing asset class with non-collateral lending pools without matchmaking so long-term NFT lending liquidity can accumulate and NFT owners secure passive income in return. Thus, the barrier to entry of metaverse for ordinary participants is democratized in a play-to-earn-for-free manner. Participants can acquire access to the in-game contents that otherwise would not be available without owning.

NFT delegation is set to unlock more possibilities in Web3 that the underlying technologies can be applied to movies, music, art, and commercial subscription business models. Licensing can be easily done with AFKDAO without even the need to transfer the NFT embodiment.

The Greatness Is Ahead
They would like to sincerely thank all the investors and supporters for their kind assistance along the journey — they could not have reached this far without you. Next, all modules of AFKDAO will be delivered while the launch of the $AFK token is on the imminent agenda.

AFKDAO is a DeFi infrastructure for utility NFTs featuring the decentralized NFT asset management protocol and non-collateral lending pool solution for game NFT assets powered by the delegation functionality of its proprietary ERC-4610 protocol.


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