POLONIEX: How to Signing up for an account



Getting started with Poloniex is easy! In this tutorial, we’ll lead you through the steps to signing up for your very own Poloniex crypto trading account. We’re going to cover how to sign up for a Level 1 account, which gives you access to unlimited trading, unlimited deposits, and $10,000 per day in withdrawals.

To begin, go to https://poloniex.com/. If you’re signing up on mobile, go to the App Store or Google Play Store and download the Poloniex app.

1. Click or tap on the sign-up button


2. Next, you’ll be brought to our sign-up page:

Here, you will be asked to enter some basic information:
  • Email address: make sure that this is something that you will have access to in the future. So don’t use something like a school email address or work email.
  • Password: use something very secure and that you don’t use elsewhere. Even better, you can use a password manager like 1Password to come up with a strong, random password.
  • (optional) if you were invited to Poloniex by a friend, you can also enter their referral code.

3. Click or tap the “Click to Verify” button to verify that you are indeed a human

4. Agree to our user agreement and privacy policy

5. After hitting the sign-up button, you will get a verification email. If you don’t see it, look in your spam folder.

6. Click or tap the “Verify my email” button in the email, which will bring to this page:

7. Click or tap the button on this page to sign in again with your email and password, click to verify that you’re human, and hit log in.

Signing up will get you a Level 1 account. For more information on Level 1 accounts, as well as Level 2 accounts and the verification required for those, These are Some helpful articles in the help center:

Now that you’ve signed up, you’ll be able to perform trades, invest in your favorite projects, and safely store the crypto you have, all on the Poloniex platform!

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