MOMOverse: rewards players, developers, and collectors for their engagement and enjoyment.


With the community's support, the team worked tirelessly to stick to the roadmap and show their supporters that the vision was true. With a new MOMOversary comes a whole new world of MOMO possibilities.

It is a whole new world of fun where MOBOXers can create, explore, and be who they want to be in a MOMO World of infinite possibilities.

MOMOverse Introduction
The MOMOverse is a cross-platform metaverse that can be enjoyed on all devices no matter where you are. Whether it is creating content or enjoying others’ creations, the MOMOverse rewards players, developers, and collectors for their engagement and enjoyment.

MOMO World: Where MOBOXers can experience an immersive, casual, and relaxing gaming experience.

MOprofession: Choose your role in the MOMOverse. Collect, craft, create and build! Whether you want to be a collector, farmer, shopkeeper, builder, or anything you want to be. The choices are limitless… But most importantly the choice is yours.

MOmarket: A revolutionary NFT order book marketplace making trading a breeze.


MOsocial: A network of social games embedded within the MOMO World. Resource islands, party farming, guild wars, league of Avatars, and much more!

MOseum: Show off your whole NFT collection including those outsides of the MOMOverse!

MOland: team up with your fellow MOBOXers and conquer the vast Lands of MOMO World.

MOBOX Creator: Design and mint your own assets. Showcase them in your own shop and earn on your unique creations.

MOMOverse Explained
The beginning steps of the MOMOverse will include the following:

MOMO Mining Camps
  1. The MOMOverse will introduce 5 NEW mining sites aside from the MBOX mining camp. Each site contains different resources to be used across the MOMOverse.
  2. Your favorite MBOX mining camp is left unchanged. The other 5 mining camps include Bird Camp, Beast Camp, Fish Camp, Monster Camp, and Epic Camp.
  3. Only the corresponding type of MOMOs can be placed in each camp to mine resources
    • Bird Camp → Feathers
    • Beast Camp → Leather
    • Fish Camp → Pearls
    • Monster Camp → Ore
    • Epic Camp → Gold
   4. Mining rates for each resource are dependent on the quality of MOMOs used
    • Common, Uncommon, Unique → Mining rates depends on the MOMOs hashpower
    • Rare, Epic → Mining rate depends on MOMOs initial hashpower and current hashpower
    • Legendary → can mine all-new camp resources once moved to the MOMOverse

Resource Synthesis
  • Resources (Feathers, leather, pearls, ore, gold) can be synthesized to create different building materials. Players can synthesize resources from their MOBOXer Home. 
  • There are 10 types of building materials. Building materials are divided into three qualities: common, uncommon, unique. Players can increase their Mastery Level to increase their probability of synthesizing higher quality materials.
  • Each building material has different levels. Players can choose to synthesize building materials equal to or lower than their Mastery Level.
  • There are two separate forms of Synthesis: Normal synthesis and advanced synthesis.  Normal Synthesis does not require MBOX, does not accumulate Mastery Level, and will require a longer time to complete. Advanced Synthesis requires MBOX, accumulates Mastery Level, and completes in a shorter amount of time.
  • Increasing Mastery Level increases the level of building materials that can be synthesized, increases the probability of synthesizing higher quality materials, and increases the number of materials you can synthesize.
  • Players with a higher Mastery Level can offer their synthesizing skills in the marketplace and help other players synthesize materials. In return, these players can earn a feed for offering assistance.

Revolutionary NFT Order Book Marketplace
  • All Items and materials on the MOmarket can be traded through an order book.
  • Over 100 materials with different quality and levels will have their own order book.
  • MBOX will be the main medium currency for trading materials.
  • Players can search and filter for their desired materials, set their desired price and quantity, if there is no sell order lower than the purchase the order book will automatically create a purchase order for the player.
  • Fee structure: Purchase orders will have 0% fees, while sell orders will have a 5% fee, of which 1.5% will be directed into the guild’s reward pool, 2.5% directed to the auto buyback and burn pool, and 1% directed towards the MOMOverse treasury.

Each Avatar can create and start its own MOMO Home.  Players can build the following buildings for their MOMO Home with each having its own unique function.


Town Hall: Used to mint and collect MBOX. The Amount of MBOX that can be minted is dependent on the MOMO Home’s Prosperity Level. For the initial minting of MBOX and after each time MBOX is collected, the Town Hall enters a 10 hour protection period and a 12 hour cooldown period. During the cooldown period, players will not be able to collect MBOX, and during the protection period, other players cannot attempt to steal your MBOX.

Lighthouse: Increase the number of attack attempts for your Airship and reduce the number of MBOX that can be stolen when being attacked.

Craft House: Building used for synthesizing resources and creating new materials.

Airship: Used to attack other Town Halls to steal MBOX tokens from other players. The level-up system will be unavailable at the beginning.

Dockyard: Spawns an Airship Items Chest every 8 hours.

Each building will have its unique design. When a building is first built it will start with its initial design. Players can consume different resources and materials to change the exterior design of their buildings. These resources and materials are gathered through MOsocial Games.

Players can visit each others homes. The homes that can be visited include Airship target home, those who are on your friend's list, players who have obtained an achievement status, those who assist in synthesizing.


Every player can choose to create their own Guild by consuming MBOX. Guild members and invite others to the guild.

1. Guilds will have their own Guild Channel that only guild members can view and respond to.
2. Guilds share a 30% market fee depending on their prosperity level.
3. Current available Guild Buildings :
  • Guild City: Increase level to increase guild prosperity and the maximum number of guild members.
  • Market: Decrease guild members' market fees, and accumulate such fees into the guild pool.
4.  Guild buildings will require various materials and time to build and upgrade. The materials used for the building will be provided by the Guild Leader, and the materials for upgrading will be donated by all Guild Members.

  • Meet new friends: Players can meet and interact with new friends through text and voice, visit their homes, and explore and complete various tasks within the MOMOverse.
  • MOcompanion: Can be used within the MOMOverse to increase movement speed. It can be obtained through gathering and crafting different MOsocial resources and can be traded in the MOmarket.
  • Hall of Fame: Three unique statues will be displayed in the MOMOverse Town Center. The Avatars of the first ranked player of the day for social points, collection points, and synthesis points will be displayed for 24 hours. Players can enter the Homes of these players.
  • Advertisements: Each player or partner can upload their own image or slogan (links can be used) and submit a bid for auctions. The winning player’s image or slogan will be displayed on the billboard until the next winning bid.
  • MOMO World Collection: Some collectible items will appear randomly within the MOMO World. Players can interact and collect these items by clicking on them. These items will appear randomly in different areas of the map and will be constantly refreshed and dropped. These items are shared by all MOBOXers. The collection items include social resources, creating MOcompanions, decorating MOMO Home exterior designs, and high-quality items that can be traded in the MOmarket.
  • Daily Tasks: Completing daily tasks such as MOMO World collection, mini-games, and treasure hunt players can claim random quality social resources. High-quality resources can be traded on the MOmarket.


MOMOverse will release a very important second phase update that includes a MOMOverse World Map and MOland gameplay where players and guilds can explore and compete for their own territory in this vast land.

Each territory has its own independent coordinate and related buildings. Players and guilds can govern their land by removing or appointing different players, or even uploading their own unique images to mark their territory.

MOBOX Creator and Royalty Market
In the MOMOverse second phase, MOBOX will launch the MOBOXer Shop and its related tools. This will allow players to upload MOD modules made by players and designers. These tools can be used to not only change the appearance of game characters, Avatars, and items but also adjust some MOMOverse parameters.

MOBOX will provide subsidies to outstanding creative craftsmanship and content producers and launch them in the MOmarket. Royalties from the sale will be given out to content creators.

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