Merit Circle partnership MetalCore, the combining play-to-earn & win-to-earn

Merit Circle

The partnership with a massively multiplayer, MetalCore, aims to demonstrate that blockchain games can incorporate outstanding graphics with complex gameplay mechanics to form the standard of games that serious gamers have come to expect of the industry. As part of their partnership, Merit Circle has purchased $1,000,000 worth of in-game assets.


What is Metalcore?
Studio 369 and Umbrella Network have come together to unite their expertise in gaming and blockchain and NFTs respectively to create a visually stunning, open-world combat action game with the aim of appealing to more serious gamers. Players will be able to pick a side from the warring factions and engage in a huge variety of game modes including PvP, PvE, Battle Royale, turn-based strategy, and also real-time strategy. At the core of the gameplay, players will find an abundance of NFTs as well as the in-game FAB token.
In a dystopian future where the central government of Earth is on the brink of collapse, five colony ships are sent on a thousand-light-year journey to the alien planet Kerebos to begin a new life. Disaster strikes when one of the ships is lost forever. To make matters worse, the resultant EMP has caused the passengers from three of the neighboring ships to wake from their cryostasis. In the generations that follow before the ships reach their destination, the three ships with passengers who are awake evolve into their own factions and soon begin to forget their original mission. MetalCore begins as they finally arrive and descend upon Kerebos after their long journey. 
Vehicles, land & more NFTs
Players will need to rely on a multitude of different NFTs to immersively engage with the MetalCore world. In-game items such as war machines, vehicles, land, and gear are all available as NFTs which can be traded on the MetalCore marketplace.

Merit Circle

The ‘vehicles’ are a key component of the MetalCore game and players will need to pilot these vehicles into battle against one another. Types include tanks, aircraft, and mechs and will have rarity ratings from common to legendary. Individuals and guilds, such as Merit Circle, will be able to lease out their vehicles to players and scholars to ensure that no one is excluded from playing. The MetalCore team is planning to host the first NFT sale in Q2 2022 for the general public.

The land is another desirable NFT available within MetalCore. Players and guilds who own land plots will be able to collect passive income through commissions of rewards earned on that land. It is impossible to lose your land (unless you sell it), however, if an enemy faction occupies your land, your passive income will be slashed.

The Partnership
The MetalCore team identified that the gaming community hasn’t engaged with play-to-earn games as much as other casual gamers have, likely due to the games being too simplistic or lacking impressive graphical performance. MetalCore seeks to change this by offering serious gamers what other P2E games are lacking, and further serves to bridge the quality gap between traditional games and blockchain games.

Merit Circle is delighted to join MetalCore on this journey and they look forward to the first private playtests and NFT sale later this year. With many upcoming announcements and events leading up to the first release of the game, this is one for our scholars to keep a close eye on.

The MetalCore play-to-earn and barony/guild systems are tailor-made for guilds like Merit Circle and their community. No other game has designed a barony system allowing up to 50 players to team up, formulate strategies and share resources to defend their own land while attacking others while generating and sharing economic returns for the guild and its members. I’m excited to be partnering with Merit Circle and their community to drive the success of this groundbreaking game.” — Sam Kim, Senior Advisor


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