IGNITE: Leading the way in accelerating the world’s transition to a decentralized future.


Since February 23, 2022, All in Bits, Inc., DBA “Tendermint”, the founding team of the Cosmos ecosystem and leading developer of innovative tools for Web 3 operate under the trademark, “Ignite”, energized brand. 

The rebrand reflects Ignite’s leadership in accelerating the world’s transition to a decentralized future by empowering individuals and communities to thrive in the new era of mainstream blockchain services.

Originally as Tendermint, have established themselves as innovators and trailblazers in the ever-evolving realm of blockchain since their inception in 2014.

In 2016, their founding team issued the Cosmos whitepaper, detailing the ideal solution to build an ecosystem of sovereign blockchains that are scalable and interoperable, later coined the Internet of Blockchains. The framework and milestones outlined in the original whitepaper have been successfully developed and launched over the past several years.

Today, the Cosmos ecosystem is the world’s largest cross-chain network with over USD 133 billion worth of digital assets, 260+ apps and services, and 38 connected blockchains. Their founding team developed and launched Tendermint Core and Cosmos SDK, and has been a core contributor to IBC development, all key infrastructure tech for the Cosmos ecosystem.

Under Tendermint, now Ignite, they have launched two flagship products:
  • Starport: Alpha was released in July 2020. Our all-in-one solution for developers to easily create sovereign blockchains.
  • Emeris: Beta release in October 2021. Our one-stop portal (cross-chain navigator, wallet, and DEX aggregator) for users to manage crypto assets across multiple chains.

The Rebrand
Why is Tendermint rebranding?
They believe that the mainstream adoption of decentralized services is set to advance. Their legacy as a developer of critical infrastructure in this space has seen them play an active role in successfully building the Cosmos ecosystem.

The time is right to evolve their vision and mission, which they have already been building towards, by pivoting to a product-first focus. Their purpose is to provide accessibility to the benefits of blockchain technology on a global scale for both developers and end-users alike.

As such, this rebrand reflects their larger ambition and significant growth as an established company and leader in the blockchain and crypto space.

Peng Zhong, CEO of Ignite, says, “The world is at an inflection point where accelerated growth in the Web 3 space will eventually see mass adoption of decentralized services in our everyday lives. We believe it is time to expand our focus to bring more people and organizations into this world.

What we are developing are the necessary tools for individuals and organizations that will let them engage with and build innovative global communities. Our new brand represents the change we inspire by connecting everyone to this new world of decentralization and interoperability,” affirms Zhong.

What is the meaning behind the new brand name?
The name “Ignite” brings to mind the initiation of change and action, a starting point for larger growth and innovation within their industry.

It is the spark of inspiration for creators to build the next breakthrough in blockchain innovation and for people to take that leap into using these blockchain services.

They are igniting a new era of development and innovation. Importantly, they want to show their ability to collaborate with communities — developers, organizations, and individuals who use their solutions as a stepping stone towards the future.

About Ignite
Ignite is leading the way in accelerating the world’s transition to a decentralized future. Their solutions are developed for individuals, organizations, and global communities to easily build innovative ideas and use decentralized services in their everyday lives. 

How has the company’s mission and capabilities changed?
They are constantly evolving to meet the changing landscape of markets and advancements in technology.

Their commitment has always been to ensure accessibility to blockchain technology, helping developers build in the Cosmos ecosystem. They believe that open, distributed, and interoperable networks are important and fairer for the world. With the Cosmos ecosystem continuously expanding and thriving, they recognize the need to expand their focus to the user community as decentralized services start to hit the mainstream.

In the same way that they help developers build sovereign chains to realize their innovative ideas, they are helping users access these ideas-turned-services that could change their everyday lives.

Product / Tech
What is the roadmap ahead?
They remain committed to the mission to bring mass adoption to Cosmos by focusing on the roadmaps for their flagship products, Starport and Emeris.

Their aim is to always improve solutions and offer new features for the best user experience for developers and end-users. Since its alpha release, Starport has gone through continuous upgrades with new features to help developers build the most innovative projects. This optimization will continue as they add new and innovative features in the year ahead.

Emeris is on track for a public launch in Q2 2022. Major updates to be released on Emeris Beta will bring a lot of value to users. Recently announced features include staking, an airdrop tracker, and a cross-chain DEX aggregator. Learn more about the benefits of these features 👉here.

They are also launching several major projects to the mainnet, including Archway, an incentivized smart contract platform that rewards developers. Archway is one of their incubated projects under Ignite Ventures (formerly Tendermint Ventures). 

In addition, they are pursuing new projects in DeFi through the rebirth of Gravity DEX, under B-Harvest, another one of our incubated projects. 

Will there be any leadership changes?
Their leadership will remain unchanged, with Peng Zhong remaining in his position of CEO and on the Board of Directors.

What does this rebranding mean for the Cosmos ecosystem and its community?
The Cosmos ecosystem will continue operating under the same name, overseen by the Interchain Foundation and other major core contributors, including Ignite, with a community-first orientation. Ignite will continue in its role as a core contributor to Cosmos, with the largest engineering and growth teams in the ecosystem. 

They are always actively onboarding more developers and building out the global community to leverage the growth of the Cosmos ecosystem. The innovative products that they are developing are testament to this commitment.

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