FIO partnership with Cypherium Wallet on Integration of FIO Send


FIO has teamed up with Cypherium to integrate FIO Send into its wallet.

Cypherium is a layer 1 blockchain protocol designed to offer financial inclusion for its users whilst delivering operational efficiencies for its enterprise and institutional partners. Using a hybrid consensus mechanism, the Cypherium blockchain is designed to achieve commercial viability while preserving the characteristics of decentralization and DLT. Cypherium’s approach to creating financial inclusion between civilians, banks, governments, and enterprises begins with its Digital Currency Interoperability Framework (DCIF). 

The DCIF is Cypherium’s proprietary architecture for allowing any asset, including CBDCs, stable coins, and digital assets, to be received or distributed on-chain or cross-ledger. Integrating FIO Send into Cypherium’s wallet is another great step in creating a simplified experience for their enterprise users when sending cryptocurrency or making payments.

The integration of FIO Send will give users the ability to easily send cryptocurrency from Cypherium’s wallet to an FIO-enabled wallet using an FIO Crypto Handle without the stress of copying and pasting long string public addresses that users of this and other wallets are accustomed to having to use. 

FIO Send replaces that long string public address vulnerable to errors and other exploits with a simple, human-readable address known as an FIO Crypto Handle. The long string public key address is replaced with the FIO Crypto Handle in the format of username@domain such as john@doe.

No longer will users have to worry about mistyping a character or any type of hack or exploit that alters the address where the user is trying to send funds from Cypherium’s wallet. Adding FIO Send to Cypherium’s wallet gives its users an even more accessible and seamless experience when sending cryptocurrency, making an already phenomenal and secure wallet even better and easier to use for all Cypherium users. Grab your FIO Crypto Handle today at and keep an eye out for the official release of FIO Send within Cypherium’s wallet.

About FIO
FIO, the Foundation for Interwallet Operability, is a decentralized consortium of blockchain organizations and community members supporting the ongoing development, integration, and promotion of the FIO Protocol. The protocol is an open-source, decentralized usability layer solution that works across all blockchains, and uses human-readable Crypto Handles to replace the complexity, risk, and inconvenience that come with blockchain-based transactions using public addresses.

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