DeBank is supporting Fuse Network



With DeBank now supporting Fuse Network through its desktop portfolio manager, users can access DeBank using a Metamask or TrustWallet address and instantly start managing DeFi positions across decentralized finance platforms on Fuse.

DeFi dashboards have gradually earned popularity in the crypto industry thanks to their ease of use and improving connectivity. They can help DeFi investors keep track of funds and enter and exit positions with one click. DeBank is one of the leading projects as it provides a detailed portfolio overview and tracks many different projects and their governance proposals.

With over $25 Million in investments from Coinbase Ventures,, Circle Ventures, and others, and additional social and content features make DeBank a real contender for DeFi investors looking for an all-in-one portfolio manager. Fuse is excited to announce that DeBank has now added Fuse Network support.
Multichain portfolio dashboard DeBank now supports Fuse Network. Track DeFi positions on Fuse with data and analytics for lending protocols, stablecoins, margin trading, and DEXs.


About DeBank
DeBank tracks hundreds of DeFi, lending, and finance protocols on 22 different chains, including Fuse, Ethereum, Polygon, and BNB Chain. It provides a simple overview of holdings, positions, outstanding debt on loans, and any pending rewards. It shows all the assets belonging to a wallet across all chains and can also show funds on all integrated blockchains individually. Simply select the chain of your choice, and the dashboard will give you an overview of your assets on that chain.

The Web3 Social Ranking feature is a list developed by DeBank. It evaluates on-chain wallet addresses based on their social influence within the Web3 ecosystem and ranks addresses based on their previous on-chain behavior. Each wallet gets a score that determines its final ranking. It’s a great feature that lets users dive into the most active wallets in Web3 and learn from their strategies and investments. Additionally, the beta Stream feature allows wallet and NFT activity tracking and any articles relevant to that wallet address.

NFT tracking on DeBank is in the early stages, and not all marketplaces are currently included. However, there is a submission process to add specific NFT collections. Additionally, the approval page is convenient for viewing any approved DeFi protocols you now want to revoke access to. It will show you which protocols currently have permission to use your tokens and how much money is at risk if these permissions get used maliciously. At the same time, users can also create bundles to track multiple wallets to keep everything in one place.

How Fuse integrates DeBank
As more DeFi and exchange dapps arrive on Fuse with additional earning opportunities, it is vital to have a central information hub for those invested in multiple projects at the same time. Moreover, DeBank’s social features add an extra educational and content layer that adds value to DeFi investors. The integration of Fuse into DeBank brings Fuse Network users the ability to control their digital asset portfolios across more than 20 chains and take action when needed.

The platforms on Fuse currently supported by DeBank include Voltage Finance, Beefy Finance, Sushi, and Elk Finance. More platforms are set to be added in batches in the near future.


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