Crust Network enables truly decentralized file storage services on Ceramic Network



Crust’s pinning service has been embedded in the Ceramic PinApi multi-pinning backends solution. By implementing the PinningBackend interface and adding CrustPinning into the PinningAggregation component shown below, Ceramic users can use Crust as a pinning backend with Crust account seeds via runtime configuration.


CrustPinning backend can be accessed through:
Compared with IPFSPinning and PowergatePinning, CrustPinning is a fully decentralized pinning service that directly interacts with Crust Blockchain, it also can permanently store the user data with Crust prepaid mechanism.

In detail, once the document is pinned by CrustPinning on Ceramic, Crust's Decentralized Storage Market (DSM) protocol will react to the "pinning-need" and start pulling the document through the IPFS protocol. Finally, the Ceramic document will be stored on Crust Network. The whole storing process can be seen below:

With 8000 IPFS nodes and 2000 PB storage volumes, Crust significantly contributes to Ceramics decentralization. Crust protocol also makes sure every Ceramic document can be confirmed on-chain in less than 10 minutes. The current Crust DSM storage price is also extremely affordable (~$0.06/GB for 500 years), significantly improving storage accessibility. Crust can provide Ceramic users with a decentralized, fast, and cheap pinning service.

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