Blockchain Brawlers reveals the roadmap update


Blockchain Brawlers

The Blockchain Brawlers roadmap represents the P2E game’s growing ambitions, potential, and what players can expect in the months ahead.


The back half of the roadmap is intentionally lighter, as things may fall off in favor of better ideas or to address demonstrable player patterns and preferences. A substantial amount of what is featured below is a direct reflection of some requests their incredible community has made.

Items on this list may get moved forward or pushed out later. This is their thinking today, and plan on delivering against all of these features in due course. Within each quarter, the features and additions are listed in no particular order.

As always, they reserve the right to change their minds and direction as the business grows and evolves over the next year. They invite you to check out their roadmap — and please share your thoughts with them.

Q2 ‘22
  • Factions / Faction Leaderboards
  • Power Score Leaderboard
  • In-Game Tournaments for Prizing
  • Players in the Narrative
  • Full Brawlers Soundtrack
  • Rent-a-Brawler
Q3 ‘22
  • PvP
  • Deferred Listings
  • In-Game Buying and Selling
  • Pay-Per-View Comps (Who Is the World’s Best Brawler)
  • New Crafting Recipes
Q4 ‘22
  • Going vIRL
  • In Gym Training Mini Games
  • Armories
  • Betting on Yourself
Q1 ‘23
  • Match Variety (Tag Team, Royal Rumble, Hell in a Cell, Handicap Match, etc.)
  • Female Brawlers
  • Platinum Battletags
Blockchain Brawlers:

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