Biconomy launches decentralized autonomous organization(DAO) on their exchange



Biconomy is pleased to announce the launch of their new BIT DAO product!  Now you can put forward any initiatives and if other users support them, they will be implemented on the Biconomy Exchange.

Voting is the main function of our BIT DAO, they want their community to be actively involved in the life of the exchange and its development.

Their Decentralized Autonomous Organization is very easy to use.
  • First, an initiative is created to be voted on.
  • Then the Exchange must approve this initiative - it must comply with the rules of the platform.
  • And then there is the voting process itself. BIT token holders have the right to vote, each vote will be worth approximately $1 BIT equivalent.

You can vote on the development of new products, listings of new projects on the Biconomy exchange, listings of the BIT token on new exchanges, and other initiatives that do not contradict the rules.

The proposals must not contain political or sensitive topics, violation of laws, regulations, and basic ethics, porn, gambling, drugs, and related content, damage to the interests of the platform, damage to the interests of other users, or violation of their privacy.

They are very excited about the launch of this product and they want you to become more active members of our community. Therefore, they encourage every BIT holder to participate in our DAO and make a vote for the bright future of Biconomy Exchange and BIT Token development!


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