AEX introduces the ”Global Partner” Program


With the development of the AEX exchange on a global scale, the platform already has millions of users and covers 212 countries around the world. To meet the rapid development of the global business of the AEX exchange, the platform has launched the “Global Partner” program. The Global Partners, in turn, as core members of the AEX exchange, will support the development of markets on a global scale.

I. Conditions for applying for the status of “AEX Global Partner”
You may apply to become an “AEX Global Partner” if you meet one of the following two conditions:
  • You have experience with the promotion in the blockchain industry or related fields;
  • You have experience in the financial industry or related fields;
  • Owning and operating SNS accounts, including but not limited to Facebook, Twitter, Weibo, Blockchain blog, etc;
  • With experience in building and operating communities;
  • Having a database of business resources related to Blockchain that can be used for further collaboration.
II. Privileges of the “AEX Global Partner” Program
  • Four-tier commissions up to 75%: for spot trading, Aswap, financial management, lending, and other types of financial transactions;
  • Fair promotion system: the level of partners’ ability has a mechanism of ascending and descending to fully promote partners’ enthusiasm;
  • Commissions are quickly available and can be withdrawn at any time: commissions are distributed by quick calculation, and partners can withdraw total income at any time;
  • Comprehensive platform activity support: comprehensive sections for platform-level user conversions, activities, airdrops, quick deposits, and other methods to help partners convert quickly;
  • Secure and stable trading platform with 9 years of operation: one of the earliest and largest international exchanges with secured and strong financial power;
  • Transparent commission data: partners can check the commission data at any time.

Introduction of the ”AEX Global Partner” Program


1. Level 4 invitation rewards explained:
Let us take a separate reward for a spot transaction invitation as an example: Diamond Partners can receive 45% of the transaction fee of their direct inviter A, 10% of the transaction fee of B who invited A, 10% of the transaction fee of C who invited B, and 10% of the transaction fee of D who invited C. (ASwap, financial investments, loans, and other sectors also receive rewards for Level 4 invitations).

2. Regarding the effective date of the AEX Global Partner Invitation reward:
In the month of becoming an AEX Global Partner, the invitation rewards of the corresponding level will take effect on the next day and will be valid until the end of the month, provided that the corresponding partner standard is met. The platform will conduct a review of the situation of the partners inviting users on the 1st of each month, and the corresponding invitation rewards will take effect on the next day and will be valid until the end of the month.

3. Types of invitations and rewards
  • Spot transaction invitation reward: You may receive a processing fee reward for each transaction made by a friend. The processing fee for professional users does not participate in the invitation reward.
  • ASwap mining invitation reward: every time a friend participates in liquidity mining, you can get an invitation reward for the revenue your friend mined.
  • Financial investment invitation reward: Each time a friend’s regular investment order is repaid or the DeFi investment yields a dividend, you may receive a friend’s financial interest invitation reward. Interest earned through the use of interest increases coupons and GAT hedging rights will not be used as invitation rewards. Transferred financial investment orders will not be counted as invitation rewards, and current investments will not participate in invitation rewards.
  • Loan invitation reward: Each time a friend repays a loan, you can receive an invitation reward for the interest on the currency borrowed by your friends.
4. About the issuance of invitation rewards
Invitation rewards will be issued in the form of repurchase of the daily rate in GAT. The settlement of invitation reward is divided into two parts. The invitation rewards of the first level will be settled on the next day. Settlement time is 23:59:59 (UTC+8) , invitation rewards will be transferred to your currency account the next day around 00:30 (UTC+8). Invitation rewards above the first level are settled weekly. Invitation rewards for 7 days from Monday to Sunday of the previous week will be settled within three working days of the following week. After the invitation rewards are settled, they will be transferred directly to your currency account.

5. Regarding the validity period of the invitation rewards
Everything is subject to the general invitation reward policy of the platform.

6. All interpretation rights are held by the AEX platform.

Responsibilities of “AEX Global Partner”
  1. Partners shall not violate local laws and regulations. At the same time, fraud is strictly prohibited. As soon as this is discovered (e.g. repeated registration of accounts, false accounts, etc.), the status of the global partnership will be canceled immediately;
  2. Partners are obliged to maintain the brand image of the platform. If any inappropriate behavior is detected that damages the reputation of the AEX brand, the status of the global partnership will be canceled immediately;
  3. Partners may not promise user benefits in the official name of AEX, and once this is detected, the status of the global partnership will be canceled immediately;
  4. Partners may not trick user accounts and passwords, as well as operate user accounts. As soon as this is discovered, the status of the global partnership will be canceled immediately;
  5. During the period of cooperation, the partners shall not engage in any illegal or unlawful acts on behalf of AEX and on behalf of the employees. In case of violation, the platform has the right to terminate the cooperation immediately and has the right to hold the partner legally responsible;
  6. AEX does not accept applications from global partners in China.
How to apply for AEX Global Partner?
You can apply to be an “AEX Global Partner” by following the steps below.
Step 1: Fill out the “AEX Global Partner” application form and click on the link below to register:
Step 2: Pass the comprehensive qualification of AEX Operation Center and activate the partner status;
Step 3: Open the exclusive promotion link for AEX partners.

Log in to the official website via your PC. There you can see the exclusive invitation code, invitation link, invitation set, number of invitations, and other detailed information located on the invitation commissions interface.

*During the implementation phase, AEX reserves the right to a final interpretation of the “Global Partner” Program.

Risk warning:
Cryptocurrencies are innovative investments that prices may fluctuate violently. Users are requested to rationally judge their own risk tolerance and make decisions prudently.


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