Solana Foundation to team up with Project Serum to host a global hackathon


The Solana Foundation is excited to team up with Project Serum to host a global hackathon focused on DeFi! Registration for the event is now open, and the hackathon will run from February 15,2022 through March 1st,2022. Make sure to πŸ‘‰sign up here!

Public blockchains have enabled the proliferation of decentralized markets and are establishing a more open, transparent, and efficient financial system. The hackathon aims to bring together developers, designers, business operators, and entrepreneurs from around the world to experiment and deploy apps/tools that catapult the DeFi ecosystem forward. Anyone with an Internet connection can join, the only requirement is for builders to incorporate Solana or Serum into their project submissions.

The event is supported by leading projects including Aave, Chainlink, SushiSwap, Circle, CoinGecko, and more. There is also an all-star lineup of judges and speakers from across the crypto space that is scheduled to present via live stream throughout the registration period and hackathon. See the full event schedule at

About the Hackathon
By leveraging Solana’s speed, low fees, and newly released DeFi building blocks, participants can operate within an expansive design space to create novel DeFi apps and tools that scale the overall ecosystem to become more efficient, powerful, and sustainable. Builders are also encouraged to explore the use of Wormhole, a bi-directional bridge connecting Ethereum with Solana, and a new Chainlink oracle integration. Check out the official hackathon Github for comprehensive developer resources and a list of project ideas.

Participants will compete for up to $400k total in prizes. There is a $200k prize pool that will be distributed to the 9 best projects submitted during the hackathon. After, those top 9 teams will have the opportunity to continue building their projects in order to compete for a seed funding round. If you need more info about the hackathon structure, please πŸ‘‰refer to the official Github repo.

Participants and teams may submit a maximum of 1 project by the hackathon deadline. Once all submissions are collected, the Solana Foundation and Serum teams will distribute a filtered list to the judges for evaluation. Teams and individuals are evaluated on the following criteria:
  • Functionality
  • Potential impact
  • Novelty
  • Design
  • Composability

After judges complete individual evaluations, the hackathon organizers will discuss with the judges to choose the winners based on the project’s weighted scores. Winners of the event will be announced shortly after the end of the hackathon.

Once winners have been selected, the top 9 teams will have the opportunity to compete for an additional $200k in seed funding. This gives serious builders a chance at jumping full-time into the Solana ecosystem and receiving extensive resources from the Solana Foundation, Project Serum, and leading venture capital firms.

They are excited to see what is built during the hackathon, and they hope to see you at one of the live-streamed events! Head over to 
πŸ‘‰ to register for the hackathon and receive helpful resources as the start date approaches. If you have technical questions about Solana or Serum, need to find a team, or want to receive updates, πŸ‘‰join their dedicated Discord chat.

To find a teammate, make sure to join their πŸ‘‰Discord chat and browse the teammate directory πŸ‘‰here.

Need some inspiration on what to build? Check out πŸ‘‰the list of project ideas to explore

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