RankerDAO establishes a strategic partnership with Zephyrus Capital


RankerDAO is proud to announce a strategic partnership with Zephyrus Capital, a Venture Capital incorporated to help and boost the growth of Blockchain Startups.

Zephyrus Capital is a venture cryptocurrency fund investing in all sectors in cryptos, in order to help and boost the growth of Blockchain Startups. With an established strategic partnership, RankerDAO expands its network of game titles available for guild members to enjoy. Zephyrus Capital opens a gateway for RankerDAO to collaborate with various up-and-coming P2E projects, more and more NFT and P2E opportunities will be made available for RankerDAO guild members as a result.

The vast network and options that Zephyrus Capital offers will allow us to expand our catalog of NFT and P2E offers for our guild members, and we are happy to provide more options as we help nurture the ever-growing P2E gaming industry,” said Liko, the founder of RankerDAO.

About RankerDAO
RankerDAO is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) that enables the collective community of crypto adopters to gain access to the biggest trend of blockchain-based activities from various verticals.

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