Quantstamp is attending ETHDenver and they are hiring!


They look forward to meeting people at ETHDenver who are interested in joining their team. They are looking for applicants from many different backgrounds, that includes people with web2 careers and hackers who honed their skills out in the wild. 

They have attended ETHDenver every year since its inception, and their team is always thrilled to join the tight-knit community brought together by this event. ETHDenver unites individuals from around the world who are similar in their talent, creativity, and passion for advancing web3 technology.  

At ETHDenver, stop by their booth and hang out with them during the hackathon, ask them about their available positions, get a feel for their team culture, and learn about all of the cool perks. Quantstamp offers compensation packages that are on par with big tech. Working for Quantstamp means you work for the leading blockchain security company. They secured over $200 billion in digital assets for some of the biggest projects in the space.

Positions available at Quantstamp
Quantstamp has ambitious hiring goals for 2022: they plan to hire 40 security auditors, 2 business associates, and a full-stack engineer. They're looking for team members that are motivated to take initiative and solve challenging problems. 

Right now, they are accepting applications for 3 full-time remote auditing engineers and a full-stack web3 engineer. As an auditing engineer, you will secure blockchain clients like the ETH 2.0 Prysm client, DeFi projects like Maker and Curve, and projects that thrived in the mainstream like Beeple B.20 and NBA Top Shot. As a full-stack web3 engineer, you will be developing internal automation tools and applications that seamlessly integrate with blockchain databases.

Learn more about these roles and apply on their 👉LinkedIn page.

Where you can find them at ETHDenver
At ETHDenver, you will get a chance to speak to Senior Researchers, Dr. Martin Derka, Dr. Jan Gorzny, and Jake Goh Si Yuan. Learn more about them here

They will give you the exact location of their booth and where they will be hacking once they get closer to the event.

Remote 1st Company
Working for Quantstamp means that you can work from anywhere on the globe. Outside of certain meetings and windows, employees can work whenever they prefer from wherever they want. 

Other Cool Perks 
They have many perks at Quantstamp, including quarterly retreats in exotic locations. They recently returned from a retreat in Dubai, and have previously held retreats in Portugal, the Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Brazil, and Mexico. They also provide employees with generous vacation packages, family leave, and things like paid gym memberships. When you stop by their hangout spots at ETHDenver, ask them about their most recent retreat in Dubai. 

Check out this video of having fun at their retreats:

Quantstamp has an intellectually stimulating work environment and team members who truly care for each other. In order to deliver high-quality services to their clients, their engineers have a direct communication style and respectfully challenge each other's ideas. Quantstamp team members are highly collaborative, which has allowed them to stay at the cutting-edge of blockchain technology. 

Outside of work, team members enjoy hanging out and catching up with one another especially after their retreats. 

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