Now Has Over 1,300 Coins And Tokens Listed


Over the last year, has seen exponential growth as it has become a top ten global crypto exchange with over 10 million users and now over 1,300 coins and tokens available to trade on its spot exchange.

A Big Milestone
In 2021, experienced a surge in interest as the bull market sent the crypto market into a frenzy. In the last year, has listed over 1,000 new cryptocurrencies on its main spot exchange, bringing the total available coins and tokens on the platform to just over 1,300 paired with USDT. now has the widest variety of coins and tokens available to trade on any of the top ten exchanges in the world, a major milestone. Many of the newly listed projects were first introduced on the company’s Startup initial exchange offering (IEO) platform, where users were able to invest early before projects were listed and available to the wider market.

Demand in the crypto market has increased drastically over the last year as the latest bull run sent users scrambling to invest in the market while looking for some hidden gems in early-stage projects. We remain committed to listing more promising projects and see a lot of potential in the metaverse, NFT, GameFi, and SportFi categories in the year ahead,” said Marie Tatibouet, Chief Marketing Officer at

Moving into 2022
Having listed over 300 new coins and tokens since October 2021, it’s clear that remains committed to listing up and coming projects throughout 2022. Besides listing new projects from the Startup platform, the team keeps an eye on the market for new additions to the exchange and regularly invites projects which would like to be listed, to apply through the dedicated listing section on the platform.

Both projects and users alike are welcome to submit listing requests and the team thoroughly vets projects before considering a listing. Besides requesting new listings, users can also participate in regular voting campaigns in order to see new projects listed while receiving their share in airdropped rewards from participation in these polls.

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