DEMEN INU (DEMEN) is Now LIVE on GokuMarket LaunchPool — Vote for Rewards


GokuMarket is happy to announce that DEMEN INU (DEMEN) is now LIVE on the LaunchPool to Vote on for Listing — check it out!

GokuMarket LaunchPool allows promising projects to bring their community to vote on the project to get listed on GokuMarket, a top-ranked exchange, for FREE using token airdrops!

LaunchPool is designed to provide opportunities for the up-and-coming projects to let their community help them get listed on a top-tier exchange like GokuMarket and helps the GokuMarket Community to earn token rewards from new projects. 

DEMEN is a cousin of both Shiba and Doge! DEMEN is the cheekiest doge in the family, and is ready to steal the spotlight from his cousins!

DEMEN is a community-driven meme coin, targeted to steal the limelight from Shiba and Doge! DEMEN will be cloned and have people starting rewards coins in DEMEN.

DEMEN will offer a community-driven vessel where investors can passively earn, learn, grow and work together to spread the word of the cheekiest DOGE in the BSC space, DEMEN INU, and push for the spot of the #3 then Shiba, Doge! Please read more about DEMEN in the whitepaper.

Why Should You, as a GokuMarket User, Vote for the DEMEN INU (DEMEN) Project?

DEMEN INU (DEMEN) is a Binance Smart Chain (BEP20) token, which plans to become the number #1 meme coin of the cryptocurrency world.

You can vote for DEMEN to get listed on GokuMarket using your GMC (Main Wallet) balance. You will receive DEMEN INU (DEMEN) airdrop rewards after completing the LaunchPool Voting phase; alternatively, get your GMC refunded in the other scenario.

Earn Rewards
There is also an airdrop allocation of some DEMEN to some lucky winners who have done GMC staking in the GMC Vault.

Earn Free Airdrops
If you are a GokuMarket Elite (G10) member, you will also receive free airdrops of the DEMEN. You can become Elite members by increasing 👉your G-Rank.

Support to Deserving Projects: When you vote for DEMEN, you show your support to the project and it helps them bring more crypto utility to the real world.

GokuMarket has rolled out LaunchPool and LaunchPad Listing processes in an easy way for their growing community. Would you like to list your project on GokuMarket to explore the attractive real-world utility opportunities with trading, e-commerce, staking, and much more? 

Sign up for 👉a GokuMarket account here and download the iOS or Android App to start your journey right now!

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