BitTorrent File System(BTFS) V2.1.0 Mainnet-Newton is now live


BitTorrent File System (BTFS) is a next-generation file-sharing protocol in the BitTorrent ecosystem. The BTFS team has already released BTFS v2.1.0 Mainnet-Newton, an upgrade of its predecessor — BTFS v1.0.

Underpinned by BTTC, BTFS v2.1.0 Mainnet-Newton supports cross-chain connectivity and multi-channel payments, making the distributed BTFS network easier to use and applicable to more use cases. The integration of BTFS, BitTorrent, and the BTTC network will boost DApp developers’ efficiency in serving a wider market.

The BTFS v2.1.0 Mainnet-Newton network is primarily composed of BTFS nodes, including renters and hosts. Renters can upload files by paying WBTT while hosts provide storage in the network for WBTT rewards. BTFS v2.1.0 Mainnet-Newton connects to the BTTC (Bittorrent Chain) Mainnet and incorporates peer-to-peer storage and smart contracts to build a new decentralized storage structure for Web 3.0.

New changes added to the BTFS v2.1.0 Mainnet-Newton:
  • btfs-vault is released, refer to btfs-vault v2.1.0
  • btfs-dashboard is released, refer to btfs-dashboard v2.1.0
  • Support to deploy vault contract in UUPS proxy mode 6f5fcc2
  • Support contract upgrade and add btfs vault upgrade command for upgrading vault contract 6f5fcc2
  • Optimize exception handling #60
  • Show bttc address and vault address(visible after deployment) in btfs id command e844de7
  • Optimize logs, remove useless logs 4a93e19
  • Remove shard when the host node doesn’t receive cheque 9ea6bf0
  • Bug fixes e844de7

Note: BTFS v2.1.0 Mainnet-Newton will run in parallel with BTFS v1.0 Mainnet for some time. During the transition period, the airdrop rewards will be distributed to v1.0 and v2.0 nodes proportionately. Please refer to for more details. The rewards airdropped to v2.0 nodes will come in BTTC-based BTT.

Tutorials on upgrading BTFS v1.0 to BTFS v2.0 Mainnet:

Useful links for BTFS v2.1.0 Mainnet-Newton:
Please reach out to us if you have any questions about BTFS.

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