BBS Network Ported to BNB Chain Using ChainPort for Major Interoperability with Ethereum

Written by Maximiliano Stochyk Duarte/Head of Marketing at Chainport on February 19.2022, originally on Medium

We are happy to announce that BBS is using ChainPort’s bridge to port between Ethereum and BNB Chain.  ChainPort keeps bringing the best projects in the space to a secure & full interoperability ecosystem, where moving from one chain to the other takes 3 minutes.  Security is the main reason our growth has been incredible during the last months. We are the only fully custodian bridge with the fastest speeds available.

BBS Market is the first social media platform to distribute ad revenue to all its users on the BBS network, and this means that anyone publishing on BBS gets part of the revenue.  In simple words, it’s like Reddit but in the web 3.0 ecosystem and fully decentralized. All posts are NFTs and can be bought and sold.

About BBS Market
The BBS Network is a public network of interconnected message boards (nostalgically called BBS, for Bulletin Board System), where all critical data is kept on-chain. The BBS token can be used to purchase ad space across the entire network as well as be staked to govern the network. Mining BBS tokens is done by generating verifiable engagement on user-created BBSes. In a sense, BBS can be likened to a “decentralized Reddit”, spread across multiple domains to prevent censorship, while maintaining a network effect and openness for anyone to build upon.

About ChainPort
ChainPort is a next-gen blockchain bridge that provides custodian-level security with real interoperability, allowing instant hops across chains at a click.

ChainPort has been live since July and has already grown to port more than 110 tokens with $400M TVL and an average daily volume of $5M, with a current 30% monthly growth. Position itself as one of the top 5 biggest bridges in the space, and #84 by TVL between all dapps and DeFi’s in the world.

ChainPort offers permissionless ports between chains with a simple UI and supports seven wallets. ChainPort is a high-speed bridge -12 confirmation on Ethereum, only 2.5 minutes on average!

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