PolkaWar Is Gearing For A March 2022 Launch!


PolkaWar planned to release an NFT based fighting game right around this time and they even released a concept minimum viable product back in Jun 2021. They have built a great community and seen high appreciation in the value of the PWAR token. However, they have some news and it’s important that discuss it in detail.

At PolkaWar, they believe in a “measure twice and cut once” approach. It means that they would rather get things done right and with sophistication than take any half-hearted approach and release products for the sake of it.

Hence, for this reason, they are announcing that they are focusing currently on making the PolkaWar game perfect than releasing it outright with shortcomings and a less than 100% gameplay.

But the wait isn’t going to belong and they are planning to release a functioning version of the PolkaWar game by March 2022. At this point, they will continue testing and refining the beta test-net internally.

They are already almost halfway past Jan 2022 and will continue to work towards a better future for the project by launching in 2 months. The market conditions are likely to be more favorable by then also. Please bear with them for a little more time!.

About PolkaWar

PolkaWar is a cross-chain decentralized fighting game, integrating NFTs and competitive gaming aspects. PolkaWar creates a vivid fighting world for players to develop their characters and engage in combat with each other. There would be different weapons and equipment to arm one’s in-game character with.

The game system will have 3 types of characters including Warrior, Archer, and Magician. Their weapon system includes Sword, Big Knife, Bow & Arrow, Gun, Tessen, Scepter, Magic Vase. The equipment system would be Armor, Helmet, Wing, Mount. Each item will be designed according to the level upgrade model, with different stats and advancement conditions for each level.

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