LIQUID is Supporting $VI Token Swap to Solana Blockchain

LIQUID is excited to announce that they will be supporting the swap of VI tokens from ERC-20 to Solana.

ERC-20 VI holders can now send tokens to their Liquid account and start trading VI tokens on Liquid exchange. To complete the swap, withdrawals for SOL VI will then open on the 28th of February.

VYBIT officially launched on Solana on the 18th of November, and its token, $VI, was listed on Solana’s Decentralized Exchange (DEX) Raydium. Previously, the $VI token was operating on the ERC-20 standard.

Liquid is partnering with the Vybit team to away all the complicated procedures for the swap: users deposit the ERC-20 and are able to receive the Solana version of $VI. No wrapping or bridges are necessary, thanks to Liquid's Multi-Chain feature. 

How you can swap from VI ERC-20 to VI Solana?
Here is an example of how the swap will work. 
When a user deposits 10,000 VI tokens to Liquid exchange, the deposit will reflect a single asset as a 10,000 VI balance in your Liquid wallet. 

A user can then easily withdraw 10,000 VI using the Solana network, irrespective of the blockchain they used to deposit VI tokens (in this case, ERC-20). For example, if you deposited ERC-20 USDC, you can then withdraw VI in Solana.

There are no fees charged for converting the asset across multiple blockchains. Additionally, we are waiving withdrawal fees for VI on Liquid, so there are no hidden fees for the swap. 

How to use Multi-Chain? Learn by visiting 👉this tutorial. 

What is VI Token? 

VI is the Solana-based token powering the Vybit ecosystem. On the Vybit app users earn in-app coins: Vibes, which can then be redeemed 1000:1 for Vybit’s native Solana token $VI (Where 1000 Vibes = 1 VI) creating a true social media and creator economy for the people interacting and using the app.

Vibes are used on the Vybit app for users to interact with people in the same way as “Likes”: on Vybit, users don’t “like” content, they Vibe it, which creates a continuous transfer of value between users on the platform and rewards all users and creators fairly and proportionally. As a platform Vybit redistributes 70% of its advertising revenue back to VI holders via its deflationary tokenomics, meaning the value of VI will constantly grow over time with the growth of the Vybit social media app.

What is Vybit?

Vybit is a short video social media app through which all users are financially rewarded based on their engagement. With Vybit users are rewarded for posting compelling content and interacting with the community to create the overall most inclusive experience for all users. The reward is a daily distribution of in-app coins: Vibes, which can then be redeemed for Vybit’s native Solana token $VI.

All users who contribute to and engage with the community share the value that they create for the platform proportionally based on their interaction and the popularity of their content. From casual users to full-time creators, everyone earns with Vybit.

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