LIQUID Introduces Instant Sign In & Sign Up via Singpass


Liquid is premiering a new feature for their beloved Singapore residents. Now connect your Singpass account and Sign in to Liquid instantly. No need to enter your password ever again! They are proud to be the crypto exchange to introduce this feature to make the onboarding experience as smooth as possible.

Additionally, new users can now sign-up on Liquid by using their Signpass account - which simplifies the lengthy sign-up process and gives you access to all the features on Liquid in minutes! 
The feature is available in our web version and mobile (iOS and Android).

Previously they launched their Singpass KYC verification option. They are taking it to the next level with Singpass Sign in & Sign up.

Users who have previously connected their Singpass account with Liquid for KYC verification will need to re-connect to enjoy quick sign in

 How to sign up on Liquid via Signpass if I am a new user?

1. Visit Sign up page on Liquid

2. You will be re-directed to the Singpass website where you have to scan a QR code from your Singpass app

3. Agree to Singpass terms of use by clicking "I Agree"

4. Verify your details are correct and click "Confirm"

5. You will receive an email from Liquid with confirmation from where you can log in and start using Liquid

How do I connect my account for instant sign-in if I am an existing user?

1. Visit your profile page on Liquid

2. Click on the “Connect” button (as pictured above)

3. Scan the QR code with your Singpass app

4. Follow the on-screen instructions and verify your information

That’s it! Stay connected and enjoy quick, password-less sign-ins the next time you log in to Liquid.

What is Singpass?

Singpass is every Singapore resident’s trusted digital identity for easy and secure access to over 1,400 government and private sector services online and in person. Users can log in to digital services, prove their identity over counters, digitally sign documents and do more with the improved Singpass.

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