IoTeX enters Web3 Healthcare and DeFi activity hits all-time high.

They are so thrilled that they got to celebrate so many milestones with you all this past year. But the work does not stop there! Their team dove into 2022 with even more drive and ambition to continue unlocking the potential of IoTeX and MachineFi. Thank you always for being along for this special ride.

Here’s a quick recap on what 2022 has brought so far:

  • HealthBlocks is bringing the next wave of Web3 healthcare to IoTeX and rewarding people for their healthy lifestyles
  • SumoTex brings fractional ownership of the real estate to the IoTeX metaverse with its latest Planet purchase in StarCrazy
  • New Ecosystem Page Revealed
  • DeFi on IoTeX hit a new all-time high milestone with over $200M of TVL (Total Value Locked)
  • Ecosystem spotlight featured Treasureland, Sumotex, Shibex, and MachineFi Portal

HealthBlocks Rewards Healthy Lifestyles With IoTeX

Nasdaq recently ranked IoTeX as the top 2 out of 5 cryptocurrencies for the future of healthcare.  

They couldn’t agree more with the importance of blockchain tech to improve healthcare standards. And that’s where the team of health experts behind HealthBlocks is ready to take charge!

A crucial next step is helping healthcare providers know that there’s an emergency before it’s too late. If something were to happen to an individual at home, or anywhere away from a healthcare facility, these facilities don’t fully know what they’re dealing with until the patient is received... IoTeX, with its existing technology for remote monitoring, is a project that stands to help usher in this solution.” - Nasdaq

Built on IoTeX from the ground up, the HealthBlocks project will reward users for improving their everyday routines to create a healthier lifestyle. Whether it's going for a run or improving your sleep schedule, HealthBlocks rewards you for that healthy behavior. Using the data from fitness wearables, IoTeX delivers a secure and private way for users to take ownership of and monetize their health data. This is just the tip of the iceberg of what's to come in the space of healthcare with the MachineFi initiative.

DeFi DApps Heat Up on IoTeX

Just last week, DeFi activity on IoTeX saw record-breaking numbers. Total value locked (TVL) hit an all-time high of >200M! There are now ~$500M worth of assets on-chain, including staked $IOTX. 

See all the projects in IoTeX with the new IoTeX Ecosystem page that was just unveiled!

Explore all the different DeFi, GameFi, MachineFi, NFTs, and many other projects that IoTeX has to offer.

IoTeX Ecosystem Spotlight
The series continues! The latest ecosystem Livestream featured some fan-favorite projects, including Treasureland, Sumotex, Shibex, and the MachineFi portal. It’s definitely a session you won’t want to miss. 👉Watch it here.

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