GokuMarket Launches Seederverse & Earn Upto 120% Returns!

Subscribe to Seederverse, an invite-only pre-launch product, where users can earn 10% monthly rewards in LEAF Tokens.

GokuMarket’s Seederverse is a Pre-Launch Offer product designed to give up to 120% returns in LEAF Tokens by Seeder Finance. 

GokuMarket’s Seederverse is a Pre-Launch Offer product designed to give up to 120% returns in LEAF Tokens by Seeder Finance. GokuMarket registered users can, by invitation from other users, purchase different subscriptions using Bitcoin (BTC) & Tether (USDT), and the product is great to continue promoting the GokuMarket & Seederverse ecosystems across the globe!

Seederverse Pre-Launch Offer is a by invitation only product designed to give returns in LEAF Token for 12 months. The rewards are earned at a rate of 10% per month, paid out daily based on the Seederverse subscription purchase value and daily LEAF market rate.

  • Users can invite friends and family to earn additional referral rewards.
  • Users can purchase different subscriptions ranging from $50 to $20,000 using USDT and BTC.
  • Users can earn referral rewards and upgrade their G-Ranks to maximize returns.
  • Referral rewards are up to 20% in LEAF Token based on the purchased Seederverse subscription.

In order to purchase the Seederverse subscription, users must be referred by another GokuMarket user. In order to earn referral rewards from others, users must first subscribe to the Seederverse to unlock the module and be active users.

3 Simple Steps to Subscribe to Seederverse

  1. Register/login 👉 GokuMarket.  Visit Pre-Launch Offers, & select Seederverse
  2. Select subscription amount, Stake GMC Vault, & pay with BTC or USDT
  3. Click Start Earning — DONE!
The earned LEAF Tokens can also be used on the Seederverse website to purchase various NFTs, explore the marketplace and guide your way in the Seederver ecosystem. You can explore more about Seederverse 👉 here.

About GokuMarket
GokuMarket is a European-licensed crypto wallet, exchange, and marketplace provider, known as the one marketplace for the blockchain economy. With its global community having surpassed 960,000 users and being top-ranked on CoinMarketCap, the GokuMarket ecosystem offers retail cryptocurrency investors and seasoned traders solutions. The platform operates globally, with its primary markets being Poland, the Czech Republic, France, Scandinavia, the United Kingdom, Nigeria, Thailand, Vietnam, Japan, Ecuador & Colombia.

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