Clarification on BTT Redenomination Plan Supported By Exchanges and BTT Renaming

The BTT redenomination plan has been well received by major exchanges since its implementation. As of now, the redenomination is supported by a myriad of exchanges. Following the redenomination, old BTT tokens will be renamed as BTTOLD, whereas new ones will be named as BTT.

Exchanges that support redenomination will use BTT as the ticker after re-listing it. It is worth noting that the new BTT is shown as BTTC on Binance due to its token management mechanism. BTTC is endorsed by the BitTorrent team to be used as a ticker for the new BTT token only on It is exactly the same token as BTT with a different ticker.

In addition, to avoid misunderstanding among users, They kindly request exchanges that will support the BTT redenomination to use the token name BTT after the re-listing. 

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