ANTEX Announces monthly report for December 2021


The month of December 2021 ended with a slew of significant milestones in the Antex ecosystem’s evolution. They are extremely proud of the project team’s ongoing contributions, as well as the entire Antex-loving community’s unwavering support. 

$ANTEX is listed on the BIBOX exchanges and now offers derivatives trading on the MEXC exchange. $ANTEX continues to receive high praise from reputable exchanges, and the $ANTEX/ $USDT pair was officially listed on the BIBOX exchange in early December. 

Furthermore, BIBOX launched three enticing promotions: S-pool, Treasure Box, and Trading Competition to share $ANTEX rewards worth up to $62,500.


As a result, users can currently trade $ANTEX on 06 leading exchanges, including MEXC, Hotbit, ZT Global, Bibox, Pancakeswap, and DoDo. Pool liquidity is excellent, and transaction prices are consistent.



ZT Global:



Smart contract:

Furthermore, in order to provide a better trading experience and meet the diverse trading needs of its users, MEXC has launched Margin Trading on the ANTEX/USDT pair, with 4X long and short leverage. The daily borrowing rate for buy short is 0.05 percent, and the daily borrowing rate for sell long is 0.2 percent.

ANTEX/USDT trading:

$ANTEX has been officially added to Coingecko, a cryptocurrency market intelligence platform with millions of daily visitors.

On this platform, users can check and update information about Antex:

The $ANTEX savings program has been launched on the VNDT wallet

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